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Jessica William

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still a better love story than twilight

Live On Tour Love On Tour

if you truly love them, I hope you know the limitations & boundaries as a fan. Remember you should always put the importance of privacy first & respect them.

Don’t care if the never punt strategy failed miserably in its first outing against a D1 team, stay true to yourself because we love it.🙏


Morning/evening lovelies! It’s been emotional wishing BTS a safe flight again, and now they’ve landed in NY (w the Empire State Bldg lit up in purple). But please remember to respect the boys and why they cancelled the tour in the first place. They love us and want us to be safe.


HOLY SHIT ATLANTA THAT WAS INSANE. Even though I had no sound in my booth the whole show you guys gave me so much energy. Fuckin love you ROUND 2 IN A FEW HOURS FOR THE B2B WITH

Never happier than when I am among fans. I love you guys! ❤🌪

📸| Mais de Harry no palco da Love On Tour, em Washington/DC. (via theharrylibrary)

So for a while our lil family thing is a two hand “Z”, it’s our family’s gang sign 😂, Payne throws up the “Z” tonight to me and kriston, LOVE IT!!! Nice win tonight SV!!!

I love this sport lol all in the span of a minute

This thread always brings a smile to my face and continues to grow. I love retweeting photos of the adorable babies! Thank you for getting vaccinated during pregnancy and sharing your stories.

Love my fan art So wholesome

i don’t care how much you say you love and care for them if you’re disrespecting their privacy and possibly putting them at risk i know you don’t care one bit because that is NOT AT ALL how you treat the people you love.

i can’t ever catch a fucking break. something new every fucking week. “just ignore it” shut up. just shut up please for the love of god and let me live a life. every time it’s “but it’s not everyone that is against you” well it’s starting to fucking feel like it.

karl's fav demigirl (REAL) - rts get all my love

I love fortnite

Anyways I'm currently doing a doodle of my friend because I love them and it's fun even though I can't draw Don't look at anything from the neck down PLS I can't with proportions

DARK WORLD BOB !! I love his design so much >:D