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Jessica William

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Imagine if carti was a girl😹😹😹 Cuz that’s the only thing she got over him Creativeness: carti ✅ Impact:✅ Fanbase:✅😹

In Butterfly, we see a girl standing on a ledge wearing a shirt with an imprinted text saying; "Long time no see." This references Olivia's message toward Yves when they meet each other again in Hi High, after being left by the latter in Eden. NOTE: Olivia is also on a ledge.

Happy New Week Elites! Another reminder to keep voting Erica Nlewedim for the 💫✨ Categories ✨Next Rated Actress Of The Year ✨Female Personality Of The Year Voting Ends October 1st. Let’s win this! 🔗

[🎉] is the second kpop girl group who debuted in 2020 that achieved 100 million views in their music video. Congratulations, Weeekly! 😭❤️🔥 - Weeekly’s 1st 100M

Congratulations Jema Girl for achieving 85k followers on Kumu in less than a month! ♥️ Thank you to everyone who supports Jema in all her platforms. More to come for this talented ghorL ✨♥️ achieved!


I'm in love with this girl 😘 They love each other so much. Let's come back to make this cute look more often 🙏😢#MTBB#MarkBam#got7

An emerging leader on World Map

Charlie Puth's "Light Switch" is now his most liked tiktok of all time surpassing "girl I really trusted you..."

You are most beautiful girl I have ever seen because each side of your appearance and each trait of your character are amazing😘❤️

These girls just wanna have fun ~ KUMUQUEENS ON ITSQUINCY

If after the second date you still don’t let me hit, I will make sure I make you fall in love and break your heart. Stupid girl!

POV : girls habit, always ask their boyfriend to give them his food. and their boyfriend just like 'okay, take it'. 😂

This little girl is attempting to cross over the wall heading to school. A real hopeful morning to Afghanistan.

new to nsfwtwt - 19, mdni - black girl - mainly soft kink, sometimes hard - puppy sub - she/her - bi - I don’t sell content but i may post something every once in a while <3 <3 and ↻ for moots <3

Not only Jin serials but also in real life there are many girls who are the same as Pankti! Pankti showed us how many girls in real life are suffering! 4 YEARS OF TU AASHIQUI

Help me help others together we can help more families. I plan on making some v neck for girls/women. The first ones I make will be called (GODSLOVE) as soon as I have my first batch I’m giving some away. God bless.

hello ! i am not new to twt / girls planet 999 but i just decided to make a seperate account for gp999 and i need mutuals!! pls like or rt and help me find moots.these are my picks as of now but i love almost every gp999 trainees♡