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jj said whenever it’s chuseok, there are members who can’t go back home due to the current c19 so those parents that live in seoul would send food to their dorm & the members will eat together or they will go greet the ceo. a food that he has to eat during chuseok is LA galbi!

Ning’s 💭 “y/n, i’m finally eating Korean home-made food!!” “Jeon that Jimin unnie made” “She made the Jeon at her house and came by to the dorm in the morning to drop this off 🐥❤️” “It’s delicious!!! 🐶

Jangjun was asked how they usually spend chuseok so he said coz of the situation usually like the parents who r in seoul would send food to the dorm and they celebrate together 🥺

The Cool Panther has fixed his gaze on the yummy food! Tonight at 8 PM (UTC+8), come to watch Let's Chat S2 on YOUKU YouTube! Captain will show us new card tricks!

Today, Gurniwaz Singh Brar had contributed in free food home deliveries on the occasion of his birthday. We wish for his wellbeing and prosperity

Clashes continued between civilian resistance fighters and junta troops in Kayah State’s Demoso on Monday. Clashes have displaced some 500 people in Demoso, with some 300 living in forests and short of food, civil society organizations said. (Photo: CJ)

💌 20/9 they spoil me too much w food :/ staph 😭

Shout out to out there feeding and making people happy with food. with the music and the vibes. ❤️🙏🏾

$50 in 60 mins 🐰 -Watch this quick video & Subscribe -RT + Proof

Obasanjo is indeed right. Give him food he will defect right away to your party😳😳😳🤣🤣🤣🤔🤔

Only in Toryland does sunlit uplands mean “we will ensure you don’t starve from food shortages.” Brexit is a disaster that must be reversed.

Cross reaction when Angel brings him food after giving him a cold shoulder these past few days 😃

Vitamin C is obviously extremely important for our overall health and there are 5 key things you can do to improve your levels: 👉Avoid Sugar 👉Use Vitamin C Supplements 👉Eat Foods High in Vit. C - yellow bell peppers, kiwis 👉Boost Glutathione - cruciferous veggies, fish

Justice for 17000 families justice for 17000 famlies food justice for 17000 famlies medicen justice for utility bills and justice for life...

3 weeks to flatten the curve has now turned into coercing children to take an experimental vaccine that they don't need at school. Care workers losing their jobs because they don't want the jab. Food shortages, power cuts and gas problems. Have I missed anything 🤔

555 just really miss Thailand food.😝 Lunch with INTO1Nine

The world best 50 foods by CNN. In 2021 Thailand becoming the winner again.(2020 Thailand was the winner)

(fns) 210920 update: eat lots of delicious food and have a happy chuseok💝

CONSPIRACY THEORISTS (realists) Said DARK WINTER COMING Said food shortages are being created Said power will go down Said everything is to reduce population Said jab passports were for control Said the Great Reset is happening Said the NWO is taking over And...

Karina is so sweet that she went to their dorm earlier to give Ningning some korean homemade foods