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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Liquolions see your queen Liquorose just saw her now in my favorite TV series the Johnson's. From a Whitemoney Geng, I'm saying your girl is good.

Arch Angels!! ABORT ABORT ABORT!! Don’t indulge them. They’re tryna thwart you from voting. This should be you putting all that energy into voting your girl!! I promise it’ll be worth it!!

Pere please face the camera and start crying. That girl insulted you for nothing, milk it baby. Milk it!!

This, but forced feminization

Lol they have been hungry for Angel the whole week but she wasn’t giving them anything to work with... look at how they running with this scenario to drag her 🤣🤣🤣🤣 y’all have it for this girl in these Twitter streets

You look like you’re gone girl pale on the outside dead on the inside gonna break this heart of mine 🥀🪦

head empty just jibooty

Angel is angry because Pere keeps implying that she is still a child. In the morning when cross was playing with her, he was like ‘stop o, child abuse this girl still Dey grow’ she cautioned him. He repeated it again this night and she got pissed.

I like this girl 🥰

I've been begging Arch Angels for money to vote since morning, you guys have been airing me Time to defend now, all of you are running out like headless chickens Charge and bail lawyers naim my girl pack full her fanbase 😂

Otherwise this magreza is a definition of a gone girl she 😂😭🔥🤣

Autistic girl autumn is here

I hope the cop that fist bumped feels like a total shitbag for the rest of his life. The girl is now dead and without justice. “Bro code” looks pretty fucking pathetic and stupid on a grown ass man who’s a cop. Why are police always so fucking useless

God, this takes me back…Posh & Piers in the Mirror newsroom, from C4’s new Spice Girls doc. Fairly sure she’s flirting with me….🤣😍

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I love my girls

i want to be seen as a boy but in a feminine way but also genderless but in a girl way but also masculine but in a boyish way but also no gender at all please

Draw me like one of your french girls💫