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Jessica William

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John Doe

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"I was just like borrowing money to pay for food, pay for rent. Borrow money to buy my kids Christmas presents... it changed my life. It gave me a life." - Dave Bautista on getting the role of Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy

Smiling because I’m about to eat! What’s your favorite food?

People from Assam are safe here in Mizoram they were given food,shelter even money by local officials Meanwhile Assam Govt. Stranded medical facilities for covid patients to be delivered to Mizoram..if you trend with checkout to know the truth

Hazrat Muhammad's (SM)favorite food,dates.❤

yuri: it must be bad for your heath (to eat delivery food all the time) suwon: food i make myself would be even WORSE for my health 😂😂😂

a fast-food chain called Sonic that likes selling chili dogs and a hedgehog named Sonic who loves chili dogs.... yet a collaboration never took place. HOW?

Cut down “soft drinks”. Avoid excess energy drinks. Stay away from junk food. Drink 3litres water daily. Stop smoking. Any kind of smoking. Cut down on alcohol. Make exercise part of your life. Cut down on fried, fatty, oily food. If you want to live long, You should do this.

Eyadini lounge in Umlazi giving away food to the residents of uMlazi ✊🏿

Schools are struggling to secure food like chicken tenders and juice boxes for students' breakfasts and lunches ahead of the planned reopening in the fall

Happy Furends. 🐈 Please send toys & food to animals in need at shelters if you can and please remember to share the message to 🐾 Thank you.

cue Amiri going to McDonalds alongside Ken, so he won't drop the food again. what y'all want?

Bestsellers in Grocery & Gourmet Foods

Twice in a week. 👩🏻‍🍳 I know it seems small, but for someone who seldom cooks or combines foods for a meal, it’s a big (delicious) deal.

Ok Maria to ANGEL. Thanks for cooking the food is NICE and delicious ok cool

Your body’s need for water is second next to it’s need for oxygen. Getting the proper water intake or incorporating foods that contain water are key to skin health. If you’re not consistent staying hydrated will be a challenge. 9-12 cups are the recommended daily intake required.


// food . . homemade tropical fruit sorbet FUCK YEAHHHH

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) says select frozen mango products distributed in Ontario and several other provinces are being recalled due to possible Hepatitis A contamination.