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Jessica William

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Sol: we’ve been close friends since middle school Bitna: was Jiwan popular in middle school? Sol: yes , she was very popular she is pretty Sol being a proud girlfriend. Hahaha her smile is too obvious 💕

no bad days , and don’t forget to smile

august wish check list 。 💬 ◌ smile a lot ◌ take a rest ◌ be proud of yourself ◌ love yourself ♡︎

Beautiful smile 😊

One of my friends tag me on this Mew Edit on tiktok and here is me reacting to it 😭❤️

✿ 𓈒 ֯ ♡ 𓈒 𐩐 a𝑢g𝑢s𝑡 w!𝑠𝗵 𐬹 🐰̷ ゚♡ 𓈒 ֯ 🏹♥ 𓈒 I wish that every day of this august month bring you lots of reasons to smile and to celebrate ♡︎ 𓈒 𓋭 ֯ 𓈒 𓍯 𓂂 🍶 ᱸ 𓈒 ☁️ 𓋭̵ 𓈒 ֯ 𐬹 𓈒 ᱸᚐ ⁺⃘ 𓈒🦢𓈒 ♥︎

august wish for everyone [smile on chin up!!]

Her smile when she said “she's pretty”😭

Nothing Hurts a Good Soul and a Kind hearted man. More then to Live among the people's who don't understand it. He was alone. He suffered. But he always used to smile and used to say "He is Ok" Such a Powerful Soul Sushant was

day&night; sometimes, like a gentle breeze i suddenly think of you like an old memory that makes me smile you came to me

the prettiest smile

But 's bond with his family is so wholesome and beautiful , his mom gifting him the bag and Pooh pajama , his dad being his encouragement and role model , his brother being the reason he can laugh and smile even through hard times , this all is so wholesome 🥺

Your smile lightens my life 🙂🌻

How many times do I have to say that I'm addicted to his smile and laugh😭😭😭

are you okay? no, i’m missing blaine’s smile <3

Chika-chan, Happy Birthday to you~~🧡😁🧡 I love your smile, energy, voice, cuteness, mature sides, ditzy parts, mikan and μ's loving sides of you too! All about you!! >w<🍊🍊 May we both have a cute and happy day just as you are!! o(>ω<)o

I hope that no matter how you feel, you will always have something to smile about.❤️ I love you kub

And then she smiled That's what I'm after A smile in her eyes The sound of her laughter 🌙