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Jessica William

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When it's 7 minutes into and David Alaba scores an own goal & smiles.

"كل الأخطاء التي يرتكبها المرء تجاه نفسه تغتفر ،إلا تلك التي قلل فيها من شأنه"

their smiles are everything

"I told you to smile, why don't you smile?"

the love ’s eye smile :(

i will never smile again

the mc congratulated sunoo because his eye smile became prettier. he said he was tired one time but when he saw sunoo's eye smile, he was refreshed

jinki's ears go up when he smiles 😭😭

Just Gonna leave it here, i'm speechless.


look at his smile

DJ : Can I say this? Our Sunoo sshi’s eye smile becomes more beautiful. Every time I saw .. Actually,I saw Sunoo in Music Broadcast’s waiting room . Even he wears Mask, I can see his eyesmile . I was very tired at that time , but it can melt my tiredness

Nothing you wear is more important than your smile 😊❤️🙏🏼

The never changing smile 😭😭 210314 211022

please... the way he looked at heeseung with the biggest smile on his face... my ramyeonz🥺

doyoung’s usually the calm and quiet kid but whenever treasure goes on to serious mode he’ll do the most random thing just to bring out laughter and smiles to his members ૮₍ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ₎ა 트레저 도영  

have you noticed this yxy moment? yurina held youngeun's face with her both hands then she looked at xiaoting with a wide smile on her face... xiaoting shaked her body like she's excited idk they were just genuinely happy for her it hurts 😭

Faker’s smile after game 1 vs HLE

new video at 5 PM

jangjun said sunoo's eye smile became even prettier 😭 so he was showing it so cute 😭

when changkyun smiles like that >>>