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Jessica William

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Mix really sit there next to food and still Earth was the one who take them food and put it in his bowl 😭❤️ i cant with this couple!!

Breakfast GA (for those with food🐼) 1 meal of choice (see pic👇) ✨rt ✨followers only ✨please take a picture if talagang naorder nyo 🥺🙏 ends 10am

‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾my safe foods☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙ ★ A thread no one asked for ★

Girl having a picnic with large bird but without food hugs it best friends haseul let me in

I don’t understand how people don’t like spicy food lol I love that shit. 😭

We are playing later in the evening but some of my best friends play early, so you know the drill. Get their early, stay late. Killers has food and drinks, and bathrooms.

210919 🌙💬 Kevin mentioned some of his favorite Chuseok / Holiday food!

team jnpr on the wall after ruby torpedoed them during the food fight

I'm indispensable to this kind of food. Do you know where it is

I’m in a pick up taxi now with my brother with all the food we bought. And I’m carrying 3 heavy bags from the supermarket but hey ig it’ll get me somewhat more muscle 🥲💪🏼

I like my new job but I feel like it’s take up so much of my time I haven’t had time to make my super healthy meals and go to the gym every day, I’ve been eating under 1000 cals but it’s not my clean “safe” foods

Support support support our farmers , we are strongest when we stand together No Farmer No Food

goodluck haechannie to your first live stage on inkigayo! eat well~ happy chuseok day! enjoy your holidays with your family and eat many delicious foods 😋

“You making food?”

MISSION Air Force vet Jaden has 2 minors is working. Got behind due to a death in the family. He is working 60-80 hrs a week to get caught up. $1350 rent and food support.

breakfast done the food's ote ote porong btw imagine dumpling, but really crispy on the outside because it's deep fried and then it has pigs or chicken meat inside and then filled to the brim with seaweeb

INDIA stand with Farmers Corrupt leader will be change after sometime But Farmers always remains the same and provide us food

Had some bomb ass food today. I think despite Covid and lockdown, I made the most out of 20. I feel I grew a lot as a person and hope the same for 21. Happy Birthday to me 😎

If Farmers First priority is to provide Food to the nation then your first priority should be to stand with your Farmers

Because when there are no farmers, who will grow food for us to eat?