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Jessica William

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5 years ago today, taylor swift at the music city wine and food festival in nashville, tennessee. september 18, 2016

Breakfast GA (for those with food🐼) 1 meal of choice (see pic👇) ✨rt ✨followers only ✨please take a picture if talagang naorder nyo 🥺🙏 ends 10am

Girl having a picnic with large bird but without food hugs it best friends haseul let me in

Palestinian boy shares food with car at Al Aqsa compound😭🇵🇸🤍

7-year jail term for food, drug adulteration: Rajasthan Assembly passes Bill

Wife was craving Mexican food. Need was met. Now back to football!

I don’t understand how people don’t like spicy food lol I love that shit. 😭

MISSION Air Force vet Jaden has 2 minors is working. Got behind due to a death in the family. He is working 60-80 hrs a week to get caught up. $1350 rent and food support.

At a nice restaurant & some guy here is acting like he’s the manager & on undercover boss & is going around table to table asking us how our food is… he’s been here 3 hours apparently – they just kicked him out 😂

I would rather listen to Robert Plant chewing his food than a Grohl song

Avoid bringing stinky food on your flight. The last thing anyone wants to do on a flight is to smell an offensive pungent odor coming from someone’s bowl of food. It doesn’t matter if this is the tastiest meal you’ve ever eaten, consider other passe...

gonna door dash more food, but I had to do it lol

‘The Corn Mother, Corn Maiden, or Yellow Woman is the nourishment aspect of the Goddess and is most commonly associated with grain harvest. She is the Mother Goddess who nurtures those around her with food and is the conceptual representation of ‘what we will reap —we will sow.’

i have a surprise tomorrow, but enjoy my sister eating white people food. :)))

Only stoping germs in the ground from growing in food and getting in the 🌎 water supply will ✋ this only germs in food have the 🔋 to spread COVID-19 and diseases around the 🌎 only germs have the 🔋 to rot food only germs have the 🔋 to rot your body

food log — sep 19

Alhamdullillah building the NATION through Agriculture for FOOD SECURITY ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦ – at National Cereals and Produce Board - Bura

The common source is the germs ground if it in the ground it will grow in food and get in the water supply

if someone proposed to me by putting the ring in my food, i’m just gonna swallow it. have fun telling that story at the wedding.

People discussing terrible foods reminds me of this cigarette bin I spotted recently. Yes or no? The people said no.

Twitter fucked up my brain so much that I swear this said “Chile” like a form of “child” and not the food 🌶😭😂