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Jessica William

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210625 😸💬 UPDATE “dad is working” “our son is very tired today” “should i buy you food” “for our mark”

Question: What do you look forward to the most for Hot Sauce promotion? MK: (When it was Jaemin's turn) Jaemin let's get it JM: What? JN: Excuse me... 😂 HC: Which food you ate today was the most delicious? MK: He is truly Mr. My Way JM: I look forward to the MV the most

hahahahaha between food and tay, food still comes first for newwiee 😂

no better comfort food than a hearty bowel of chili for this weather

UK Artist Prudence Staite creates artworks out of food items. A Smarties (coated chocolate confectionery) recreation of Seurat’s famous painting 'Bathers at Asnieres'

For those of you who are New to my TL or New Followers... My Name is Yvonne..a Free Spirit,Down to Earth, Lover of Life,Music,Books,Good food, My 2 Fabulous children & I make Badasd Delicious Grills! A Trial will definitely Convince you! I'm very Passionate about all I do!RT pls!

Julie Lee, Los Angeles-based photographer known for her food collages

P'Jennie: while playing wakeboard Win went with Phi Bright right? Win: yes..we went together .. looking at his food while answering the question, shy boy🤭

How will Level 4 restrictions reduce the 3rdWave when Covid Funds were looted? Not one hospital built, the lucky ones got food parcels & R350's. That's it. The unemployment rate is skyrocketing... We are not angry enough as a Country.

cl bbl 🐬💭 - “this is your mother” - “dad is working noww” - “our son is very tired today” - “should i buy food for him” - “for our mark” - “i am not a hermaphrodite^^”

The ideal hangover cure is coconut water, pear, and lime, according to a study published in the journal Current Research In Food Science Researchers say the mix is even more effective when supplemented by a plate of cheese with tomato and cucumber

[Trans Live] win: I love having foods at shooting site. Every dish is good.


All packaged foods come with a nutrition label meant to provide you with the information necessary to know exactly what you're eating. Understanding what's in the foods you eat helps you make healthier choices.

Live at lunch always give us foodie bunny. And we are happy with it. Food x Win is the otp we all need in our lives. And clearly no live can't stop him from eating his food. Mukbang when ?

Baby dinosaur bones found in northern Alaska suggest that a number of species survived year-round above the Arctic Circle — enduring freezing temperatures, food shortages and four straight months of darkness, as well as the occasional snowstorm.

A snorlax doing what snorlaxes do, surely to be followed by a nice long nap to digest all that food For !

CJ ENM food truck for “The Moon” shooting site: “wish the Moon crew a safe shoot”, “Enjoy your drink and cheer up today” Fighting KyungSoo ✊🏼🤍 D.O.

Finally an update for The Moon movie 😍 CJ ENM sent food support to their filming location.

Perfect weather, good food and sleep