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Jessica William

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maryam muzamir is featured on the Late Late Show with James Corden. maryam won three international awards for her invention, a sustainable type of livestock feed made from common food waste. maryam is only 11 years old. we are so proud of u! 🇲🇾✨

Normal move with witnesses would have been to start much lower, & Meadows in particular is top of the food chain.But Committee has wisely concluded that if there's going to be a big federal court fight, best that it be engaged right away. And of course they can then call others.

Harry’s tour donates all their extra food from catering to a local shelter at the city they’re having a show at and even go as far as taking all the toiletries from hotels and making sure everything that is unused gets donated back to a shelter as well. 🥺🤍

Before this, BTOB’s dancers also talked about how well BTOB treats them. And the boys will take the dancers to eat good food and Changsub who would get the money from the company to buy them food.

The face he makes when he want cuddles, food or sex

picking again! reply what do you want either kpop album, food, stationery or cash😊

A comfortable and pleasant drive second to none!Travelling from Islamabad to Sukhur again on the motorway. An opportunity to see the real Pakistan with its sprawling greens,beautiful farms, and farmers and their cattle hard at work to provide food for the rest of us.1/2

🍃A fan working for said that Harry and his team gave local shelters extra food from their catering as well as hotel toiletries (at each tour stop). They also try to make the tour as plastic free as possible and low carbon footprint.❤️ (via harrytheehottie / Tumblr)

Inspector Pere in his favorite eating position. Just him, food, his thoughts and Aquafina water Maybe thinking about Maria 🤔

Last night, Jim Cooper voted to pass our largest defense budget ever—$768 BILLION. $24 billion MORE than the Pentagon even requested. There is no excuse for giving the Pentagon billions more than they even asked for when one single person in Tennessee needs food & shelter.

Food for thought 🙂 Happy Friyay!

As the food runs out, which billionaire will you eat first?

kbs_unicorn uploaded photos of the food truck that Seonho sent for 2D1N 💚 they even took the time to edit Seonho with tteokbokki stickers THAT’S SO CUTE IM CRYING 😭

Haechan: Rock, paper, scissors (to decide on who) feeds someone else Doyoung: If you want someone to feed, then I’ll do it Taeyong: Then sit next to me Doyoung: But it’s okay if I push the food into your nose, right 🤣

- day 27 - ✧ what do u want to say if u meet him in person? ; hendery you're amazing, you're so cool. take care of yourself, eat a lot of food, and be happy. i love you

Free Food Go Give You Problems 😂😂 you fuck up 💔🔥🔥🔥😂😂

y’all ever try to swallow to much food at once and it feel like u got a jean jacket in ur throat😂