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Jessica William

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Girl having a picnic with large bird but without food hugs it best friends haseul let me in

Wife was craving Mexican food. Need was met. Now back to football!

here's pics of my food ( •̀ᴗ•́ )و ̑̑ i had so much sushi and gyoza! (´;꒳​;`)

7-year jail term for food, drug adulteration: Rajasthan Assembly passes Bill

Every day I drive in the area I live, I see farm workers breaking their backs for small wages, to put food on tables across America. Will they ever get the respect and appreciation they deserve?

another intro bcz i still need edtwt / shtwt mutuals - el (shortcut cz i don't want friendz to know about this acc) - 16 - bi, transmasc (chest still there :( ) - 1,56 - 47/48 kg, , gw 40, ugw 37 - i post sh, i talk about my diets/food, i don't tw/cw ♡ / ↺ r appreciated inspo :

Can somebody for for my food 🥺

I don’t understand how people don’t like spicy food lol I love that shit. 😭

Cross isn't drunk. Didn't we just watch him a few minutes ago when he told Liquor to wake up him up when food is ready? He has a heavy heart this night, and he's going to bed angry. Probably sad about the issue between him and Angel.

Y'all must tell your friends with food businesses if their food tasty enough to sell. I absolutely hate buying hyped food only for it to be bland and tasteless AF. Pissedt.

"Compared to most flying things, a bee is very small, but the honey it makes is the sweetest of foods. Don't make fun of someone who has fallen on hard times and is dressed in rags. The Lord does wonderful things that human beings never notice." (Sirach/Ecclesiasticus 11:3-4 GNT)

Cilantro herb ribs for dinner. 🤤 I don’t post food pics.. but when I do..


i wanna be vegan too someday but y’all food look like punishment 😭

Out in this streets nyaming Toronto’s food.

i found a gremlin that forced me to buy her food 🤒

People discussing terrible foods reminds me of this cigarette bin I spotted recently. Yes or no? The people said no.

food i got today !!

Fortunately the homeless people in Waco eat three square meals a day unless they can't make it to the homeless "feeding site." It's unfortunate that people call it that, but homeless people don't care. It's free food everyday with churches. Fortunately... Katy's turn!

Katie Porter’s white board: “I want to highlight how the Child Tax Credit is helping families put food on the table. Census data shows that 1/2 of those who received this tax cut are using it to buy food.”

‘The Corn Mother, Corn Maiden, or Yellow Woman is the nourishment aspect of the Goddess and is most commonly associated with grain harvest. She is the Mother Goddess who nurtures those around her with food and is the conceptual representation of ‘what we will reap —we will sow.’