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Jessica William

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When your mom gets to feed you disgusting foods on stream :') HELP IM TRAUMATIZED

I am running out of different ways to tweet this, but if centrist dems kill off all the popular economic policy items then they themselves are the ones who are going to be crushed as politics is reduced to culture war food fights.

250BBToken Wey Biggy use do shakara na him Saga win this night 🤣 Biggy be wan run street by making him go first but Saga won by God’s Grace & Hardwork Haterz & Bloggers U Better Maintain That Energy You Used In Dragging Saga For Days o! UNA FOOD DON DONE

Divorce is very difficult. He lost his job. No money for food. Only eating oatmeal. Other financial strain. We are digging through to see how we can assist in stabilizing him long term. Another entity is assisting with some food. There are times in life when we need a lifeline.

Idle taxis used to grow food for out-of-work drivers in Thailand

Nearly 10 months of food growers being on the roads. And that’s not even the beginning, nor the end.

the food here sucks, and in such small portions!!

This island oasis has the whole package: white sand beaches, lush rainforests, unique cultural sites (i.e., Buddhist temples), and a cool cosmopolitan culture. Enjoy the calm ocean waters and the amazing food and nightlife scene, and you’ll see why there’s so much hype around Phu

When it doesn't involve talking about Angel and monopolizing food.

(1 of 2) Pasteurization removes ALL the good properties of the product, then, where possible, synthetic, less easily absorbed versions are added. Non-pasteurized foods contain ALL of the good things we need! (con't)

y'all say you hate school food yet y'all be tearin them mfs up !!

Snowflake stealing Batmans food lol (2015 Bronx)

Cooking for 2 hours, then eating the food in 15 mins only to have the dishes waiting for you 😭

Below are the favorite foods of the K' team .

There was much to celebrate at Avidor Minnetonka this past week. From great local foods to entertainment to the mayor sharing a few words, thank you to all for celebrating their 1st Birthday!

The food in this restaurant in Los Angeles is very good. I like the environment and food here.

Today is Hunger Action Day and a reminder that for millions, a daily meal isn’t a choice between different dishes. It’s a choice between food and other basic needs. Thank you to El Pasoans Fighting Hunger for working to ensure food isn’t an impossible choice for our community.

The rulers of that time used to deliver food from house to house at night ♥️

It all about being able to put the food on the table and paying bills. This is what life's about being able to put food on table and paying bills. Clothing food bills. As long as you can do these 3 things your okay. I'm finding these things hard to do. Spending too much on it

I hope you can make it to Midlothian Chef’s Kitchen tonight for an 8:00 show. Outstanding food and libations.

fuck, sex, ...grab some food at 2am and lets talk. ᵃⁿᵈ ᵗʰᵉⁿ ʰᵃᵛᵉ ˢᵉˣ