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Jessica William

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the girl on the right side is myah right????????

My baby girl really left last night

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aespa also gave letters to their dancers team back on june (if i'm not mistaken) and this week they gifted gifts to rozalin and 2/4 of them also had a meal with rozalin 🥺 our best girls 💙🌙⭐️🦋

to sum up girls planet 999:

I think the girls visited Jeongyeon 😭😭😭💓

Girls dresses available

gifts for rozalin from karina, giselle and winter plus a meal with both giselle and winter 🥺 the girls really appreciate and treasure the people around them and it's really heartwarming to see 😭 waiting for our maknae ningning updates!

Justice for every girls sir

Liquolions and liquor army, Emmarose, pls let's get our girl to 10k before the end of today, her previous account is suspended, let's follow this new one.

AND NOW WE GOT A MOMO BBL UPDATE! Omg, the girls won’t let us recover and I’m not complaining

SAC troops forcibly UNLOCKED and ABDUCTED Ma ThaeThae (an NLD member) at her house , at around 9AM on Sep19 and another boy was ABDUCTED too. 1 girl and 2 boys in Tamwe were also ABDUCTED in Sep18 night.

Prime Minister Prayut Chanocha of Thailand said, "I pay tribute to LISA,who became a member of the world-class girl group BLACKPINK after undergoing a rigorous training and practice process in the fierce Korean music industry.

A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear HAIRON REUNITE OnFYE