Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Big girl don't be afraid to get on top. If he dies he dies

🎶I don’t give a damn ‘bout my reputation🎶

Uh uh girl that is not my job

c group’s shen xioating performing a dance piece!

Picking where you gossip is just as important as picking who you gossip with. Hate to break it to you, O, but this spot made my job too easy. Spotted running their mouths between running laps. Volume check, Noble O. I have sources everywhere.

Niggas be thinking they low.... bro y’all been arguing for three months straight, just tell her u got a NEW GIRL 🙁😩. 😂😂😂

the most precious giggles of my comfort person 🥺✨ can't wait for your uninhibited & candid self, sunshine 🌻

Imagine being an Olympic athlete and some fat ugly basement dwelling loser draws you as an anime girl because he's a fucking friendless ugly dweeb

Ateam Entertainment's new girl group is rumored to be named Bugaboo The members have opened unit TikTok accounts and used the hashtag in their posts The group plans to debut in Autumn 2021 with members Eunchae, Choyeon, Ziin, Yoona, Rainie & Cyan

When you could buy so much more than shampoo and toothpaste from Boots

thank you so much for 5k followers 🤍 i literally say this every single time but im so so happy i have a platform to love and support dami / the girls so openly, it means the world to me :')

good night, i love my girls so much 💖

a 'gif'ral representation of 'i shiver like' by

Girl Dad

seohyun's message for the 13th anniversary to SONE and SNSD during her guesting last yr in knowing brothers 🥺 "We will always continue to be your proud artist, Girls' Generation." SH to SONE "I'm very grateful to have met lifelong friends." SH to SNSD

My onlyfans is FREE and my link is in my bio🥰 PLUS I made a VIP page and that's only $4.99 a month which that link can be found on my free account 😜 come show me some love!

Gents if you're taking a girl out on a date, should you buy her outfit?🤔

black girls in tv and film🥰

Real men are not threaten by strong, intelligent, independent women.👌Thats why in the EFF we see girls or women as equal partners not as servant

to the ppl quote tweeting saying block him and dead the convo deserve a special place in hell. are you thick? were you dropped on the head as a child? if she had just blocked and not exposed him he would have continued doing it to other girls because he’s done it multiple times