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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

i’m in love with his smile :’(

I want to see you happy. I want you to live in the moment and smile spontaneousl كَوُدْ خَصًمِ كْوّبْوٰنٍ سيفي_P10 نّمْشّيٰ:KC35 فوغا كلوسيت FVG _There is a moment in our healing journey when our denial cru

Life is short. Break your ego, forgive quickly, live truly, laugh loudly, have faith in self, never avoid anything which makes you smile

bts’s music is the only music i genuinely smile while singing

these photos are 5 years apart, his smile never changes im sobbing TT

bangchan is so cute, his smile, his eyes, his eyelashes god- bangchan is soo radiant like a rainbow TT. Bang chan we love you <3

Chalo aaj raat koi neend kharab nahi karega. 😜 acche se so jao. Hv a peaceful sleep & sweet dreams. Gd ni8 . Always hv this precious smile.

Smile Is The Best Reaction In The All Situations..😍❣

"our leader is very smart and very kind...very strong...very healthy...BIG BODY...very handsome"

The sun kissing him and his adorable smile ~ yeosang is stunning !!!

harry styles smile is the cutest thing

jaebeom’s eye smile is singlehandedly one of the most beautiful things on earth <3

this may seem strange ^^; but if possible I want to be more positive here :<c I first started making content because I wanted to spread smiles and happiness, and I think Ive lost track of that.. so today I want to wish the best to all of my friends / mutuals / followers~! 💖💖

🐯: I am a bad boy 🐰: You are good tho THE NOSE SCRUNCH AND WHIPPED SMILE

his big smile and tiny giggle i cant 😭😭

deep down inside i’m not okay and that’s okay because i still wake up, smile and keep it pushing i know this feeling is not forever! 🦋

prettiest smile