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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

No matter the requirements needed for this year BBN winner... My Liquorose has it all Hardworking: ✅ Talented:✅ Entertainer: ✅ Competitive:✅ Female Winner: ✅ Male Winner: ✅ My girl deserves this Win!! And she is getting it 🕯🕯🕯🕯

‘BTS Seoul Ambassador 5th Anniversary Story’ ⏰ Sept 30th at 4pm 📺YouTube Channel ‘VisitSeoulTV’ -Run BTS Seoul version - Take out the videos you've taken over the past 5 years and enjoy a fun time with a quiz show about Seoul.

[🎉] is the second kpop girl group who debuted in 2020 that achieved 100 million views in their music video. Congratulations, Weeekly! 😭❤️🔥 - Weeekly’s 1st 100M

tied hair so cute, sitting like a good girl

Appreciation tweet for my favourite girl that deserve only love, respect and peace. May all of her days be as beautiful as her heart and soul.❤️

Happy New Week Elites! Another reminder to keep voting Erica Nlewedim for the 💫✨ Categories ✨Next Rated Actress Of The Year ✨Female Personality Of The Year Voting Ends October 1st. Let’s win this! 🔗

You are most beautiful girl I have ever seen because each side of your appearance and each trait of your character are amazing😘❤️

Nobody can beat khan accept of doing fake and lame propoganda's

i love this girls, sm.

nayeon's girl crush vibes

Good morning Our pretty cake is dripping in chocolate goodness🍫🤤 Isn’t this beautiful? Off course it is So, tell me why you have caked with Ibadan cake girl. You can send a picture of what you want and i will always come through. Kindly retweet 🙏🏽

mark and his anime girl sit

We starboys and star girls

🎀"Naturally" skinny girl habits from someone who was skinny for all of their life🎀 ✎ a thread for edtwt <3 {♡/↻ appreciated!!} 🏷: ana proana ed moots bonespo thinspo meanspo sweetspo fatspo chubspo normalspo averagespo low cal appetite egospo

Let me raise a toast! To the girl I love most 🥺♥️✨! [ ]

Sunday with my girls 😍❤️

Small edit for my side.. ❤😇 Stay tuned at 6:00pm ✌😁💥 🥳🔥

That little girls is me batu diem ajah ditabrak

A brand of hope with the grace of Almighty. It's actually an honor to call him our Prime Minister.