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Jessica William

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John Doe

PHP Developer

What a win and an amazing performance by this legend 🤩

They said it would be an amazing song for a concert I see it 😭

AJ carries himself like a proper man and fighter! No excuses and gives credit where it’s due! The man has dodged NO ONE in his career! What he created in that venue last night was amazing! The crazy thing is HE’S MADE it normal to pack out stadiums.. He changed the game 👏

So amazing was their live session. I have become greedy...I wanna see more of them... please Raqa join Shamita in BB15

Vijay had closely watched Thaman's works in Telugu. and Thaman's love towards Vijay is amazing 🥺❤️ hope his wish fulfills in .

Park Jimin mesmerizing breathtaking amazing voice😭

stays, our daily views decreased a lot. with this rate we won't even reach 800k views today!! let's stream as much as possible, it would be amazing if we gained like 1M views per day again!!

Good evening, best hoomans!! Here's dinner for everyone, I hope you all had an amazing day, if may md, hugs for you! You all did so well today and I'm so so proud of you.

List of key co-signatories now included Please join us. We are only asking for freedom to practice the art and science of medicine. Amazing to me that we need to request this.


You are doing amazing, I’m enjoying 🤗 my supportive MC

Meet Skylar Skjoldnes Adams. Arrived on 25/09/21 at 20.41 (due date) and she slept next to me most of the night. Amazing. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 in awe of (and every other woman that has gone through childbirth tbh)……thank goodness I didn’t have to do that!

Can anyone explain Physics Behind this

Still rmmbr all the craziness for this song✨ at the airport for the first time, bts pictures, that amazing club night, him enjoying punjab trip, them coming back tgthr, him opening car door for her, his witty rplies to pandey😂 Ahh, I miss it all❤️

All the rubbish mokke jokes and irritating content can be telecasted but a finale performance of an amazing contestant was cut short. What the bloody hell?

Happy birthday to monbebe! Thank you for being so amazing 💜✨

Thank you for doing your best, ! Proud na proud kami sa inyo! Amazing set! 👏 Thank you, Ninangs and ! A'TIN Ang Mundo! 💙 ShareTheFeels With SB19