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Jessica William

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👱‍♂️ please tell JK he's so impressive 👤 jungkook he said you're doing amazing 🐰 thank you!! :D

you are so amazing

Taehyungs raw, rich and gold vocals without any music in background, his voice is so unique and attractive! that beautiful lower register, he’s an amazing singer! A baritone king kim taehyung!

😭💜 the message of the song is just fucking amazing

sister Yoora playing Kyungsoo song “I’m Gonna Love You” captioned it: BGM perfect 🤍 beautiful view with beautiful amazing voice yes!!! 🤲🏻🤲🏻

This article calls illegal immigration “irregular migration”. It’s simply amazing the length some media will go to twist words and change the English language as they seek to protect liberal interests. I’m sorry - illegal immigration is illegal.

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VOCAL KING JIN IN DA HOUSE! HOW AMAZING IS HIS VOICE 🥰 It’s really on another level. 😍😭 Thanks for sharing this video and letting us hear more ✨

IM CRYING!!! IT was such An amazing documentary, soo impressing 😵😭👏👏

where was this taken?😳 is it another unseen part of the J mansion or something?? condo?? new house?? IT LOOKS AMAZING // Mew looks amazing too like always BUT OMG THE HOUSE🥵

Arjun's performance has been amazing. Winning and losing is part of a game and he didn't just win the trophy but also won millions of hearts. ARJUN LIFTS KKK11 TROPHY

the behind process of My Universe, getting to hear their unbelievably amazing raw vocals for the recording & the inspiration for the song. it indeed has to be one of the best collab ever 🥺

the synergy between bts and coldplay was bigger than what i could even imagine. it is so special to witness two artists that stand for all those amazing things create something so genuine together. i truly hope their dream of perform my universe live together can come true soon

namjoon's vocals is so amazing especially being harmonized with jimin's heavenly voice

Never say die attitude even when precariously balanced half way in the air- Amazing focus!! ARJUN LIFTS KKK11 TROPHY

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Jungkook did sucha an amazing job recording my universe, his voice truly is one in a million

That was amazing 💜

Good morning Twitterverse. Let’s have an amazing Sunday fun-day today.☀️

so in love with this omg, jungkook sounds so amazing