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Jessica William

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When I hear stories about the people struggling post-pandemic, I can’t help but be reminded there are over 13 mil kids living in a food insecure home - possibly more now. If you know anyone struggling, send them my way, they can always eat for FREE at my spots. I can deliver.

Would you aww for your food? by willothecorgi | IG

GSC Strike Committee in donated food supplies to people.

What kinds of workplaces is transmission happening in? Why aren't they reporting that? Do we need to reduce capacity in food processing facilities? Are there workplaces where work can be shifted interstate?

Pop Culture Character X Food Series Felt like resharing these babies🍴 *Kwek-kwek Calcifer *Baguette Dugtrio *Cucumber Plankton *Ice Cream Grizz, Pan-Pan, and Ice Bear

fetus era with food

Respected Guru Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan Ji's Incarnation Month is coming after 3 days. He is Spiritual master of millions. With their guidance millions people stay away from non vegetarian foods and live happy life.

Farm bills are imposed on the farmers to suppress the farmers by giving food supply in the hand of big corporations and hence affecting whole nation

white people be like “ew spicy food” then go snort cocaine

In InJanDone IDP camp, Myitkyina, among 127 refugees fleeing away from Genocidal Military, 57 are infected with covid-19 & in urgent need of foods & medicines. MYANMAR BEGS FOR OXYGEN

I like whole foods market vegan foods

cheek full of food >.<

Bro gone be a dad This mf here took a charge for me Broke bread with me And put food on my plate when i needed it the most This dude is the realest mf i ever met, prouda of you bro🖤

Texas food yessir 🤘🏾🤘🏾🥘☝🏾

Thank a farmer who works hard to put food on your table!

Some late night art of some past ocs eatin foods

The BJP took Rs 2.5 crore donation from a major beef exporter. These Companies are listed as Frigorifico Allana Ltd, Frigerio Converva Allana Ltd and Indagro Foods Ltd.The party should disclose how much money was taken under the table ??

"ကပ်ကိုလည်းအတူကျော်၊ တပ်ကိုလည်းအတူဆော်" The GSC and the township boycott committee donated medicine and food to the lower suburbs of . On the way back, people greeted with three fingers.

1) Good Morning Everyone I stand with farmers No Farmers....No Food

👤💭 I went to the food place restaurant you know to give me avocado 🥑 peppers 🫑 chicken 🍗 cheese 🧀 Panera bread 🥖🤤 A super healthy and delicious everybody👥💭 restaurant – at Panera Bread