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Jessica William

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oh wow if we look at the calender, we only have 2 days of rest from the contents of the comeback then after that 6 days straight of contents for charybdis and odysseus.... let's all hope we'll survive those 6 days 🥴

Would you look at that… ANOTHER “breakthrough” case…

look at chris smile while singing in korean 😭

siyeon is such a rockstar on stage... just look at her


this look like a very rare photocard

look at her she’s so cute!!! 🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭 and she’s an artiny 😭😭😭

That no look six from King Kohli is the shot of match !!!!! Beauty ❤️❤️💛💛

She really has been working out a lot or is it the Pole dance lessons?? 😭 whatever it is, Lisa keep it up, you look AMAZING

(tokyo revengers spoiler alert) op: i really like yuta's hairstyle (for this comeback). you look like mikey from tokyo revenger yt: i like mikey! op: i like baji...but hes dead yt: yea he's dead. have you watched it? op: yes i have cr; surrealbutnice

8M more views to break the record but our view rate is slow 😭 pls open that damn youtube app & stream


OPPOSITES ATTRACT 🔥LOOK: Combining light from across the visible and infrared spectrums, Spitzer and NASA Hubble space telescopes show these two distant galaxies pulling together due to a mutual gravitational attraction. | 📷NASA

When they say Yibo is a mega influence on generation Z and leader they ain't lying! Antis can twist BS all they want BUT facts are all over the social media, dance school, street dance circle and the young to the old. Look at Queen Wugan being appreciated and heard !

Her best money look!

san got sulky bcs yunho interupted him while he was speaking so yunho hugged him :(( look at how cute they are 😭😭😭

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Look at this blessing that Jelly has created

Look into my eyes while we fuck <3<3