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Jessica William

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When someone brings me food without asking 😍

Fruit sandwiches

fluffy japanese pancakes 🥞

Trevor made breakfast ☕️🍛 Day 1-2 Sunrise/Food for !

food by lee know really look delicious

Friends not food please Go Vegan 💚💚💚🌱🌱🌱🙏🙏🙏

Next section is... Gulf cook Japanese food, Futomaki 5555 Gulf is wearing Japanese Crested hakama. it's so cuteeeee

[211023] 10:04PM KST "Because I ate a lot of ATINY's love" "Im okay❤️" "But I'll have to eat (real food) first" "Im afraid I cant (eat now)" "ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ What do you mean I lied?" "If I lied, I wouldnt have said it" "If I cant eat" "I wouldnt say that Im hungry" "hmm"

[211023] 10:01PM KST "come to think of it" "Are there any food in this world that doesnt have meat" "hmmm" "Thats a lot of food" "that doesnt contain meat ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ"

Hindus should question these policies of the Government run institutions. Also, Hindus  should compel these institutions to make available food that is religiously acceptable, and until then their products should be boycotted.

my flow job takes those arrogant rapper no-names and plays with them. although you insult me with those kind of insignificant words, i grow stronger, it’s a strange wonder. i’m a starfish that grows on the food that is your envy and jealousy. › cypher pt. 3

Your taxes aren’t high because of schools or healthcare or food stamps. Your taxes are high because of rich people who game the system so they don’t have to pay their fair share.

🌎🐱interview cr: LINE TODAY (CHI + a bit Thai to ENG) chi trans: 🙏👧:Any food that Mix likes to eat and want to cook it and let Earth tries? ++

One obtained food, the other lost another cow friend

Good food = Good mood 💓

yuki's food diary: Texas edition 🇺🇸🥩

what government can do? - sugar tax on sugary drinks and foods - subsidise healthy foods (veggies, fruits, nuts!!) - more affordable on-the-go healthy snacks - more bicycle lanes - more pedestrian lanes (with roof) ➡️malaysians tak suka panas - better public transport

Gulf loves spicy food, so he loves Thai food. He loves crispy pork (we all know, right?)

This section, Gulf will cook in live. "Cook with me free love" he will cook Japanese food.

GOVT Primary School Food Donation For 100 People Secunderabad Spread Love

embarrassing that my phone automatically figures i’m going to whole foods on a saturday morning

Gulf said he likes japanese food but he prefers thai food ‘cause he likes spicy food. He likes a lot of food but his fave is thai moo krob fried porkkk GULF FIRST LOVE IN JAPAN