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lol knew that CORPSE started Twitch and I wanted to draw this they really have topics when it comes to food huh?

🐺: Since it's STAY's birthday, we're having a party. What is there at a party? Games, people, and food. 🐖🐇: How about our "I'm foive" maknae brings the games over? 🐺: I'm foive.

Seventeen In The Soop - Rent a forest for 7 days, rest and play while doing what they want - No mission to get food ingredients, just playing - There are no many production crews to create a real relaxing atmosphere. - Most cameras just detect the motion and take pictures

Show me your foods!

Fuel and food prices, and static salaries make consumers vulnerable .

ประกาศงดรับของขวัญ และ Food Support Announcement: GMMTV will temporarily stop accepting gifts and food support.

Young K really likes the food in Busan, especially ddeokbokki, because there was a time when he went to eat it but it was night time, and the stall was closing, so the owner told him to just eat everything that’s left 😂

each member has to try not to say the word/do the action written on his hat whoever does is out the first 4 to get out have to buy food for the other 4 they'll post proof on insta

Farmed animals are just as deserving of love and happiness. We can help them by choosing delicious plant-based foods. 🐷❤️

In tsp, groups from and villages robbed the food and the goods from the boats in River reportedly. The locals faced insufficient food supplies currently. SIGN THE PETITION FOR NUG

jin said he really like chicken and the reason behind it is bc his mom only fed him chicken when he was little and doesn't let him eat snacks very often and flour-based foods. seokjin's mom really said that HEALTH IS WEALTH.

Little guy enjoying his food Via: StrangeClownRabbit

Around 77000 refugees are fleeing Karen state as SAC frequently open fire on villages. Refugees now require immediate shelter, food & medical supplies. SIGN THE PETITION FOR NUG


Freedom Youth Volunteers (FYV) from Lashio Tsp shared basic needs and foods for families who have been eating boiled rice everyday in Hopate Otphosu and noodles for 66 households. SIGN THE PETITION FOR NUG

guru ji we all are enjoying your birthday month by donating food, shelter clothes to needy people

The family who is in need of basic needs & foods have been hoisted the white flag amid covid crisis & SAC appointed ward administrator rebuked them in Kyankhinsu ward, Mingalardon, Ygn. SIGN THE PETITION FOR NUG

Refugees from IDP camp in San village, Mindat tsp urgently need medical and food supplies as SAC terrorists strictly investigated in the midway. SIGN THE PETITION FOR NUG

shrimp toast so ruby said he will do tteokbokki and shrimp toast for seongmin🥺🥺🥺 seongmin said he feels touched but he already ordered smthg else for dinner so he is scared if he cannot finish up all the foods later😂😭

i hope so that my friends feel happy, to be loved as much as they love others, to eat good foods, to be healthy, to be listened by others, to have a place to rest their head upon, and to live freely and to never give up on themselves. <3

Have you tried cooking with this device yet? It's very easy to cook your own food during this time without oil. It's easy and good for your health. Just plug it in, set a timer and wait to eat. 😁😁 su su na khrab🥰🥰