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Jessica William

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John Doe

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food gives u energy” me after eating:

Hazrat Muhammad's (SM)favorite food,dates.❤

What if BTS saw us trending their memes over foods: Bournvita Horlicks Complan Boost Maggie Yippee

I decided to be brave enough to employ 3 workers and open a street food outlet in Witbank Downtown (front opposite emalahleni shopping Center). Your support would be appreciated 🙏🏼

Our Assamese brothers and sisters are safe in Mizoram... They were given covid19 vaccination just like everyone of us.. Mizoram NGOs gave food to the stranded Assamese drivers in Mizoram.. we are not a threat to them unlike Assam govt statement Lalpa rig cugin🙏

A country with more than 1,300 food banks is building a £250 million Royal Yacht and teaching kids Latin.

You think you can starve us ? Hahai. We have weird food which you have never considered eating not even in your dreams. TRY US !!!!

Busy Saturday for the little man but he’s sulking cos I ordered Indian food and he can’t eat that 🙈🤣

"The bunny on the left chose to eat healthy foods like carrots, and played basketball every day to become fit and strong. The bunny on the right ate nothing but Doritos and spent all day watching anime and shitposting on Reddit and 4chan."

foods that can make each bgyo members day complete

Bestsellers in Grocery & Gourmet Foods

Hi ! August 🏷🎈🛋I wish you happiness, no suffering, eat delicious food.🥣 May the country be normal as soon as possible. before it gets any worse 🤲🏻🦋

Joseph trains farmer groups to advocate for best farming practices that are ecologically friendly. He plans to expand his business by entering new markets with his organic foods and also to certify his company as a world recognized organic farm. He is a 2021 Fellow.

If you wanna taste delicious foods everyday.... marry a guy who can cook like KYUNGSOO✋😀🙊 THE BEST BOY OF THE GROUP 🙊❤️ WE LOVE YOU EXO EXOL ALWAYS WITH EXO


Look at this.. "SEM SEM DAM DAM, EI BIL THI THI" is what forefathers told us. As long as our neighbours have food to eat then we will not starve!

Whitemoney needs food in the midst of all the Fights and quarrels This my fav can't come and kill me...

Han [210801] 12:05AM KST :stay!!!! happy birthday!!!!!!!! thank you for always being by our side for 3 years like this since today is your bday, eat lots of good food!! always be happy, have fun and do whatever you want today~~~!!! (1/2 parts)

Food is preparing food 🤣🤣🤣🤣