Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

C & C++ Developer

Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Can’t believe I’m in this amazing group!

I’m so blessed to have such amazing mentors and support in my life. Thank you Amanda Weyh for your continued support and guidance! I’ll catch you anytime!

Amazing reflection

Thank you DC for everything! We could not have asked for a better few years with this team. We will forever remember and cherish all the memories from 2019 and becoming World Series champs! Not how we wanted things to end but grateful for the amazing few years. Thank you DC 🤍

sb stans don’t wanna hear this but she isn’t playing that well if she’s TELLING PEOPLE how hard she’s gunning for hannah when no one else is. She went and made herself next week’s target. She’s smart, but that doesn’t mean her gameplay is amazing. Could’ve been a floater.

I had the most amazing morning ever.

Amazing Pink quartz geode from Patagonia, South America Photo: Cave & Canyon

I hope they're having an amazing time together in Russia.😌😭🤧♥️

Louis Tomlinson is an amazing person, he is so radiant, incredible and talented and his music is the best. Louis Tomlinson has such a unique and unreal voice, he has the most beautiful smile and is so kind to his fans, he also writes beautiful songs and created a unique álbum.

The Sundae redesign is complete! I commissioned the always amazing and OG Sundae artist @/twosipsofbleach once again to help me with this, and they've done a flawless job as always. I really in love with how this turned out, I really hope you all like it too! 🤍🍦

We had a great time at our Back to School fair today and hope all Nevada students have a great school year! 📚 Thank you to our amazing partners and commissioner William McCurdy for spending the day with us.

harry styles in this photoshoot looks so pretty, we’ll always miss his prince era, it was amazing

Rain Storm in Alabama outside this factory door

louis tomlinson singing perfect now he is so unique he has an unreal voice and he is so unstoppable, he has other amazing and soft songs like fearless, he is really talented and he has a radiant smile

the vocals of louis tomlinson singing fearless in the live from london are simply amazing, his voice is so powerful, he has an unreal voice 🌷

Just witnessed Alaska’s finest flight attendants surely help save a passenger in medical duress coming home from CHS to Seattle! Amazing folks on a great airline!

50 friends! Thank you amazing people so much!

This was such an amazing moment, even if the series ending was ass AOT has some of the greatest writing

. and I have lots of exciting stuff to share with you all! Can’t wait to reveal all the amazing surprises 🤭

All im saying is if we pressure SDS to ACTUALLY make changes to extremely popular offline modes like RTTS and Franchise now instead of waiting until December/January then MAYBE they might listen and we will get a complete immersive baseball experience MAKE FRANCHISE AMAZING