Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

C & C++ Developer

Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

When he's not into social media but he always exposed his girl. Donny.

20 likes and RT in 20 mins for her bikini pics

[Belle IG Story Update] Catch Belle Mariano on Hinga lang, Girl! A Girl Talk LIVE with Presko Squad later, at 5 to 6 PM. Welcome to Presko Squad, Belle! 💞 |

o7 tis the season to make sure u know what heat exhaustion and heat stroke look like!

Pretty girls involved with me making pretty love to me

Happy Birthday my little girl you are growing up 24 years old now. Wish you have good life,good time. Do everything what you want. We are still supporting beside of you. love you รู้ยัง❤️

finally, some dumb girl representation, we love to see it ⭐

If you ever wanna fuck, can I be the one you call? If you wanna be a star, I can tell you what it cost. I was gonna put you on, I was gonna change your life, girl but I don't wanna break your heart

Me when I haven't drawn any fat girls in a while

my girls are stunning!

Girls with braces are lowkey cute, if you are looking for someone caring you know where to find me,

Vernon talking about how Seungkwan is, as a Wonder Girls' fanboy and giving facts about my WG's achievement as well. Thank you 😭🥺❤️

Thank you for 69, boys and girls 🥺❤️

wills favourite enby (REAL!!) + — retweets :D ?

DonBelle to Bubblies : Hinga lang, Girls!

First Look On July 28th..!! Semma Treat Iruku Thalaivan Birthday ku ❤️ A Dhanush Investigation 🔥 Sambavam.. 💥

As much as I love all these promotions and stuff twice is finally getting, I'm also so worried about them cuz they have been working non stop without any break now.. it feels like 2018 all over again. Jyp better give the girls at least a month long rest after all these are over.

me after one episode of bad girls club:

When a photo pops up on Facebook memories that makes you grin. Glastonbury 10 years ago. 🥰