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After chris martin said "Please tell JK he's so impressive"..that fond smile of taehyung's 😭

wait look at his eye smile 🥺🥺

“I saw Chris Martin close his eyes and sing along with such a happy smile, it was a genuine look that came from his heart.” - jungkook

Taehyung’s proud smile while watching jungkook recording🥺

He looks so cute when he do this but still Don’t hide your smile YU🥺

the most precious smile

a smile that melts hearts

when they filmed jungkooks lil smile while hugging jin

i’m so inlove with taehyung’s smile :(

Omg he looks so proud!!!!!! That smile!!! My taekook heart’s gonna burst ya’ll!!!!! 😭😭😭😭

“ Please tell jk he’s so impressive “ TAE’S FOND SMILE AH HE IS SO PROUD 🥺

international riridians~ let's work hard on promoting ririka. she is 9th overall on the korean votings but 23rd on the international votings. please, let's do our best to make our ririka smile hard like that! 🙏🏻 don't forget to vote everyday.

seokjin’s shy smile after the producer said “you practiced a lot, didn’t you?” 😭 he really came prepared to sing in front of one of his favorite artists 🥺

when he smiles….😭

Find a man who will smile at you proudly even when you only do simple things. But sorry there is only one Kim Taehyung in this world, and i think he already found his 'the one'.

ariana's smile. thats the thread;

This happiness and his huge smile Yoongi 😭