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Jessica William

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i’ll never forget Yoongi's proud smile when he heard the translation of "One of the best groups, BTS" through his earpiece

Tower records wrote their bday message to Jongdae this year also! "Jongdae how have you been? Happy birthday! We want to hear your strong vocals as EXO's soon. Also, your angelic smile too! Please stay healthy.. Will wait for you always!!✨"

''Smile'' (Album) surpassed 1 BILLION streams on Spotify. — This is Katy Perry's 5th album to break that mark. ⬆️

Smile is the curve that sets everything straight.keep smiling WE LOVE SHARA

.'s "Smile" album has now surpassed the mark of 1 BILLION streams on Spotify. Now all her 5 albums have achieved this mark.

thank you for making me smile when you're here.

“Words can’t describe such as i love you, i was in love you, but maybe, he thought this last look, last smile will do.”

Guess who I want to see smile and laugh

smile that i wanna see in real life :)

look at those smile :( i miss him 💔

keep ur smile babe!♡

As I reflect and give gratitude for another year of life, I smile at the child of yesterday and give thanks for the years in between and how far I’ve come. P.S. The expression somehow remains the same. I wonder what I was thinking at the time.🤔

Life is short. Don’t squander the chance to be kind. Kindness requires only a smile or a gesture. Kindness is love in action. And love is everything.

Do you have a favourite movie quote? 😍Something that makes you smile when you hear it. 🎬

BEST FEELING: Making other people smile. ✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧

Smile at the end😊

if you look close youll see xiaoting smiling, but she wouldnt smile if her fellow c trainees got e worded which means 3 of them are safe

wanna bless your feed with our handsome jake. look at the smile! it's speaks a lot of happiness.