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Jessica William

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This is Doyoung’s era... just look at his teasers!!!

dont know why but they look alike 😞

he's so handsome.. i can look at him all day :((

Jaehyun looks so handsome😭🖤

They look so good in those Crush outfits ✨

op's message to sunghoon 💌 sunghoon's strong point is effort, ppl who like you dont just look at your results & judge you, they like you more for your effort & process so whatever you decide to do anytime i hope you can do it at ease without any pressure


Look what I saw this morning! 😍 🐦

taeyong looks so so good in pearls 😭

211023 look at him doing his signature bow before giving command ❤

Huening kai iconic looks : a very needed thread

211023 fansign video call with 🐢: "So I know the repackage album is coming soon... 🐖🐇: "Uh? No! We don't have any plans. We have no plans! But look forward to our next album!"

yes sir look down on me sir

besides the fact that seungcheol is very beautiful, just look at his eyelashes

🌻 : pTee suggested our heads to be look like a heart. // it does look like a heart 🥺❤️

HAECHAN LOOKS SO GOOD IN THE MV TEASER??? looks like we’re getting center haechan for the chorus too OMG


I can’t get over this look?!?!?!?