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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

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The secret of happiness is som ‼️ كَوُدٌ خَصُمً نَمُشٌيّ KC35 فوغا كلوسيت FVG سٌيُفٓيٰ P10 ‼️ Trying to fall out of love is like trying to climb a mountain. Blindfolded, on crutches, naked in a hail storm.

I love the way you make me feel...💫❤️

our announcers are in love with Ohtani’s perfect hair! Yes its beautiful

my pace japanese ver will be used as a theme song for the love reality japanese show which will air starting august

to all those upset by the current tweets / clips going around of bbhs, i assure you that you’re all beautiful and perfect just the way you are <3 please take care of yourselves, i love u all

the literal love of my life

And I have ARMY. So I can’t help but do whatever I can do to make those people smile and make them feel happy. - Kim Taehyung how could i ask more from him? WE PURPLE YOU TAEHYUNG 💜 WE LOVE YOU TAEHYUNG 🥺😭

Weverse interviews do depict a lot of ways the bts members are different from e/o but also how similar they are when it comes to some core principles — their perseverance, the drive to do well, make meaningful music, live good lives being good people. And their love for Army ofc

Retweet if you love Ariana Grande

angels love u cus ure one of them

When someone says, "you have a great choice" after i told them that I like xiao zhan. Me: Love you zhanzhan from Bangladesh🇧🇩

I love Eunjin Coffee Truck Energy IG post. God she’s adorable

My mom having an interaction with someone on Twitter. I love supportive mom.

i really love him so much. he means everything to me. i see bts like my best friends and family and to see him feel the same makes me emotional.

also wow. these weverse interviews are such a great way to understand how different bts are from one another but how well they work with one another as well. the way they see the world might be different but their values and love for their music oversees it all.

Love her in this style!!! 😍😍😍

I love him sm, he deserves the world :(

THE NEW YORK MILLENNIALS KILLED THE ECONOMY All You Can Eat has been Nullified! Let's Go Mills. Baby. Love da Mills.

kim taehyung really deserves all the love in the world

Unpopular opinion… The Loki fandom shouldn't be divided. I love Silky and Lokius!!! I just love Tom Hiddleston's work!