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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

I like to thank my good friend on Discord for this amazing commission of my Lycanroc, Raze! He loves a good brawl, likes a good box, as you can tell by his stance~ Really, anything to stave off the boredom 😄💖

The biggest donut heist of all time! Amazing sequence done by the wonderful !

Follow he is very epic and based and Amazing and epic and based

as cringe as this is wouldn't it be fucking amazing if it were real

The incredibly talented and underrated fanartist, has inspired me to make a Star Fox Zero-styled portrait of my OC! Their work is amazing, so check 'em out!

I made and amazing meme lmao

sometimes it takes a long time to see progress. please dont let that get u down, i’ll cheer you on no matter how long it takes!! your journey will be amazing!!!

Heckin adorable gift from the amazing bean !! Go check out their goodies

and my main piece showcasing the strongest master & student tag team! im really glad for having been a part of alongside amazing artists and writers, long live our purple head snapback king 👑💜🧢✨

Happy Birthday Thangam!You are blessed with an amazing people around you!And they will take you to heights and heights Sam!

That Fall Weather..the wind it’s the most amazing time of the year

—> quack quack🦆 —> —> rt’s are amazing!!<3

On Artistes To Look Out For On His Upcoming Album Set To Drop Next Year February. “There’s this new catch from New York. His name is Capella Grey. He’s amazing. A couple of new artists from Nigeria too. This dude called Lojay.Focalistic,he’s going crazy”

Happy 400!! So thankful for all the RT pages and the amazing foot/Domm community on Twitter. Love you all!! 😘🥰 Don’t be shy, send to celebrate! Soles | Feet | Pose | Foot Fetish | Toes | Asian Feet | Findom | Goddess | Giantess | Footdom | Femdom

who doesn't want to just cuddle on some grass? This amazing piece was done by , featuring his sona! Go check him out!

I'M SO EXCITED!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS AMAZING GIFT!!! I'm speechless! I had to run to home depot immediately and get sanding disks!! the sun is already going down for today, but I can NOT wait to get to work tomorrow!!

Hey Landon I tested out animating for the first time *ignore the hair colour switch* but what do you think!!! This is my first try so it’s not amazing but I hope you like!

to this amazing human being, who always make my day and make my heart the happiest. you're always have a soft spot in my heart. continue being ü, i love you big time! PARK JEONGWOO TURNS 18

From my Grandmother's Letters to the UN circa 1969. Just an amazing human, years ahead of her time.

Hey hey!! happy birthday!!! 🧡🎂 Hope you had an amazing day!!