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Jessica William

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I think I should be a super hero for real life, not just Halloween. I’d have flying powers and food ones - out of the mouth of my 4 year old. Also what are “food” powers?

Ashley absolutely adores sweets! Play through Ashley’s food themed microgames to feast on a variety of tasty challenges in .

Border Patrol dropping Haitians off at local NGO Border Humanitarian Coalition after processing them. NGO gives them food, water, etc, and loads into buses to interior of United States.

KEVIN BRIDGES 'I voted Yes and I’m happy to say that... I live in a nice part of Glasgow but I live 1 mile away from a food bank... why should there be a food bank for people who are working? It’s not just ‘the poor’, it’s people who are in jobs. It’s mental, mindblowing.'

I'm apt If each Been mapped friendship! Love is giving food /🎗️؟؟؟كَٕؤدٓ PP خَٕٔصَمُ+ نَٕٓمٓشَٓيٌ!!؟ /🎗️

Scientists couldn’t be more clear: For humanity to avoid climate disaster we need to change our energy, transport, and food systems fundamentally and quickly! Learn about real solutions to our broken food system >>

calories for certain foods

Nigerian hubby tries Indian food for the first time! 🇳🇬🇮🇳

Take a seat — the table is set! Treat yourself to these heart-healthy fall foods all season long: 🐟 Wild caught salmon 🥬 Kale or other dark, leafy greens 🎃 Pumpkin seeds

🚨NEW DROP🚨 Now it’s 3.33 am. September, 23 I just listed ‘3.33 AM. THOUGHT’ Reserve price 0.333 💙SOUND ON💚 (Can anyone tell me how to make our friends stop talking about food at 3am.?)

For when you need a junk food snack during the week! 🤪 Shop the recipe!

Great article in today’s Times discussing the need for “a more sophisticated form of subsidy for farmers” which rewards food production and stewardship of the land. Much needed debate on food production, food imports and food shortages.

Oh My. Spooky Doggie Treats (8oz) $7.95. Just added to the BP Raw Pet Foods menu. Just like our Frankie Treats, but dressed and decorated for the fall.

NUTRITIONAL ENERGY BASICS PROGRAM: BIO FUEL, GET-GO-N PLUS Enhances nutritional balance and health needs. Many people suffer the effects of poor health due to improper eating, skipped meals, and the consumption of highly processed fast foods. Biometics Nutritional Energy

“How can we make the greatest impact on humanity in the shortest period of time?” The answer was clear: grow plants better and reconnect humanity to the farm. Willo’s mission is to nourish the world with the highest quality, most biodiverse set of plant-based foods.

Intro Foods: same recipe, same ingredients, same equipment.... different results. What skills are needed to get a standard product when using a standard recipe?

foods high in the nutrients that are commonly deficient in restrictive eating disorders — an informative thread for edtwt

There’s no better day than one spent at the Great American Ballpark! While you’re there, you might eat food prepared in one of the kitchens CPS has serviced. We’re grateful for this long-lasting partnership and the ability to help make a day at the ballpark special. Go !

Last Day of Go Jim Go. Thank you Springdale Magnet, Snowden Greendogs ($4700+), Idlewild Elementary ($11,000+), Peabody Elementary, Willow Oaks Elementary ($1,000+) & a bag of cash from Cashsaver Foods/King Cotton/Monogram Foods for helping make this a great year for LeBonheur.