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taehyung is such an amazing person, he is personification of warmth

Just look at our talented,amazing,handsome,best boy Taehyung 👑💜

Taehyung is such an adorable baby, he's talented, and his vocals are just amazing I think we can all agree he is the best boyyyy! 💜Prorct him at any and all costs!

How can Kim Taehyung exist😲😲. Kim Taehyung not real doesn't he? Why did he was so handsome 😮‍💨 and amazing 😌

cant wait to hear taehyung’s speech later later I KNOW HE’LL DO AMAZING

"THE BREAKOUT STAR" "I really enjoyed our recordings. I enjoyed singing the songs written by amazing composers. I hope once na marinig ng mga tao 'yung mga song ay ma-enjoy din nila."-Belle

Presenting Taehyung and his amazing vocals.

We won the first ever Best Space app powered by at by 🔥 It was really an amazing experience with working in a team and got a opportunity to learn so many new stuffs !!🙌 Kudos to the team!! 🔥

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Thank you baby for the amazing 2 days. Worth the sleepless! Nanti kita jalans jalans lagi okie 😘💋❤️ urgh i miss you already 🥺😢

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those who have genie passes head over to genie rn we need to maintain our rank, we also need people to stream on yt and spotify as well, if you can do all of them that's amazing!

Not everyone gets the same version of me. One person might tell you I’m an amazing beautiful sole. Another person will say I’m a cold hearted bitch. Believe them both, I act accordingly.

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