Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

this jimin look for the history books

A (not so) quick practice sketch trying to get into the groove of digital drawing. Is it me, or Tzin's thighs look significantly wider?

sirs you have no right to look this fine 😭

A closer look at the new Coldplay x BTS picture shows that the table behind is full of Music Of The Spheres copies 🤯

“You have to not let yourself believe you can’t. Do what you can do within the framework you have. And don’t look outside. Look inside.” ― the iconic artist, filmmaker, actor, playwright, novelist, composer and sage Melvin Van Peebles, who has gone home at the age of 89.

no cause i hate a “it’s just the lighting” ass bitch, direct light hits dark skin in a way that makes it look shiny w bold, visible highlights, it doesn’t just like.. magically turn ppl pale?😭 literally just look at pictures of dark skin ppl in harsh/direct lighting cmon now

Reminisce over last season with the team, as we share a behind-the-scenes look into the making of Season of The Little Prince.🌹 First up in this mini series— reflects on and why it was important to get this collaboration right. Stay tuned for Part II!

stay awake for the full look or else 🔪

he couldn’t look at her but he couldn’t look away from buck

yes we got sandra content today- first look of the unforgivable

This is how the world will look like under Big Computer

i'm eating glass rn. LOOK AT THESE TWO

LMFAO I DIDN'T FINISH IT SO IM WATCHING THE END OF RANBOO'S 2ND LIS: TRUE COLORS STREAM AND OH MY GOODNESS LMAO Alex [to Jed]: "you told yourself you were a good guy..." Ranboo: "...when in reality you just look like the guy on the paper towel roll.." LMAO HE'S NOT WRONG



Do you ever just look at Yoonkook and start sobbing ??

Like this look is literally no different I feel like?? 😭😭 y’all not country enough cause a Jean on Jean look is cute (sometimes)

Accidental Mortal Kombat look at the salon

📸| TaeKook look absolutely gorgeous! ✨

looks like a very generic guy so it’s hard to tell him apart from others, look out for these hand tattoos