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food by lee know really look delicious

fluffy japanese pancakes 🥞

cw // food akhirnya bm sy sm bakso aci terwujud

Next section is... Gulf cook Japanese food, Futomaki 5555 Gulf is wearing Japanese Crested hakama. it's so cuteeeee

When someone brings me food without asking 😍

Friends not food please Go Vegan 💚💚💚🌱🌱🌱🙏🙏🙏

jinkook speaking cutely everytime they think the food is delicious 🐹🍽🐰

Gulf said he likes japanese food but he prefers thai food ‘cause he likes spicy food. He likes a lot of food but his fave is thai moo krob fried porkkk GULF FIRST LOVE IN JAPAN

Good food = Good mood 💓

Halal has now taken up space everywhere. 👉Halal Hospital 👉Halal Bank 👉Halal food 👉Halal cosmetics 👉Halal farm 👉Halal Hotel Hindus, celebrate this year's !

This section, Gulf will cook in live. "Cook with me free love" he will cook Japanese food.

Be it food processing or fisheries, the Centre and State Government are undertaking many efforts that are benefitting the people of Goa.

GOVT Primary School Food Donation For 100 People Secunderabad Spread Love

food in japan is so good 🤤

what government can do? - sugar tax on sugary drinks and foods - subsidise healthy foods (veggies, fruits, nuts!!) - more affordable on-the-go healthy snacks - more bicycle lanes - more pedestrian lanes (with roof) ➡️malaysians tak suka panas - better public transport

Gulf loves spicy food, so he loves Thai food. He loves crispy pork (we all know, right?)

MC: (Talking about the food Gulf makes) Looks good!! Gulf: Me or the food?? MC: Both. Lol Me: Agree😌🤝

Mc ask gulf that he like Japanese food? And gulf said 'he can eat but he prefer thai food more cause Thai food has spicy and he love spicy taste. Mc start on translate but gulf seems nervous because he worried that J-fans might get him wrong.(Cont)

[ENG SUB] Full story of what happened to Dorm 3 last night (minus the part Jeongwoo and Jaehyuk bickering about sleep and food). Jaehyuk got scolded by Asahi for eating hotteok first before meal 😂

Blueberries are often referred to as the king of antioxidants. They are a powerhouse food. 6 Benefits of Blueberries: ⎷ Nutrient Rich ⎷ Anti-Aging ⎷ Disease Protection ⎷ Improves Brain Health ⎷ Increased Heart Health ⎷ Muscle Recovery

Allah is not in need of his leaving his food a drink

SuperFan's from Hyderabad celebrated CSK's 4th 🏆 by providing food and meals to the Needy Ones !! 💛