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Jessica William

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Hi, please read: If you would like to be part of the itch bundle for Palestinian food/medical relief, fill out this form. It will close in 24 hours, when the bundle will be closed to submissions: If you already submitted, you don't have to again.

When my Dad was in Israeli prison, one of the young Palestinian boys confided in him and told him this Israeli soldier was sexually abusing him every night. My Dad mobilized the other prisoners and they beat him so bad he went to hospital. They were fed rotten food & no showers.

LA Regional Food Bank opens new distribution center, will be able to do help more people in need

Make no mistake: Hardworking American families are the ones paying the price for the disastrous Biden presidency. - Gas prices are up—if you can even find it - Food prices are up - Lumber prices are up - Housing prices are up - Car prices are up - Inflation is up

The animals we raise and kill for food are just as sensitive and intelligent as the dogs and cats we adore at home.

Did you notice higher prices for food, fuel, the list goes on... That's called the Biden Surcharge!

Some of my favorite recipes/plates happened when I was getting to know somebody. Something about that energy, the butterflies. I can create when I’m sad but the food I cook when I’m stupidly falling in love is just... better. 🤡😂

good morning! ✨ start your day with a smile :) drink a lot of water and eat healthy foods. here's my love's bread cheeks to brighten up your day 💜

drop your jupiter placement and I’ll share your lucky colors, lucky environments and/or lucky foods/spices I have Jupiter rx in Libra and the lucky colors for this placement are cornflower blue and lavender

after too many food poisoning incidents i have decided to declare my crusade on caf!

The farmers protest includes farmers of all faiths. The majority are from Punjab and are Sikh. If you are a Sikh outside of India with eyes on the protest you MUST spread awareness. It is a guarantee that your family lineage includes farming. As always no farmers, no food.

Starting tomorrow it’s goodbye gluten for a month. Not sure what’s more painful, giving up bread for a month or the price tag of all the gluten free foods I had to buy today. 💸💸💸💸😭😖

The sickest of people like the sweetest of foods I guess

live now!! time to explore hokkaido and learn about all kinds of yummy foods like cheese tarts and cream stew!!!!!! bring snax!!!! link in comments! art: @/rojogawnina

Officer Derek Chauvin confronts George Floyd outside of Cup Foods on May 25, 2020

From Farmers Mkt Sat: Alaskan Wild Spot Prawns, dinner for first time. Fisherman Son [title on biz card] told us of delic roe on bottoms of each. Smells lots like lobster. Fun learning new foods! From great local co’s.

Mental health day! After hitting veteran and finishing the Indigo League season 1 im treating myself to some good foods and Relaxation

Can’t stop thinking about how my mom is gonna make me eat real, healthy foods when I get home.

I can’t keep asking for money for food while I wait to get paid. So I am willing to do $25 sketch commissions so I can eat tonight on this 16 hour shift. Would anybody be interested? Please link me your references as well when you inbox me 💕💖

Spent all day in Battle Creek and needed food. Remembered seeing in a Facebook group I'm in. Ordered a burger instead of dogs but it was a delicious meal none the less.

I wanted a list of breakfast foods bu pH