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thank you for your support this year! we’ll work harder to continue providing good translations next year. let’s support the boys in 2021 too! we hope 2021 treats everyone better and your days are full of happiness and good health! -haruharu

211017 🗣today is my birthday 💜💃💜💃❤️❤️🐨congrats congrats😀

weverse 211016 (op posted a screen capture from in the soop where yoongi is falling asleep while on his phone) hobi: this hyung actually sleeps like this...😂

weverse 211016 op: wait wait [namjoon] knows the slang “and what about it-tv?” (t/n: adding “tv” to the end of words) what about it-tv.. what about it-television what about it-refrigerator (screenshot from interaction between an army & joon) seokjin: so what’s this-tv?

weverse 211016 weverse: armys, did you wait a while?😉 this very friday!📆 after a year, bts is back in the soop for a story of healing🌳 <in the soop s2> starts now!🎉 seokjin: please make a season 3

211016 op: do you know the answer? seokjin: looks like it’s the “jeweler’s problem” all over again * now somewhat of a meme, the “jeweler’s problem” was popular for its confusing nature! whenever a brain teaser requires a lot of thinking, people say it’s a “jeweler’s problem”

weverse 211016 op: oppa, you haven’t left huh? hey oppa you haven’t left huh? hey oppa you haven’t left huh? hey oppa you haven’t left huh? hey oppa you haven’t left huh? hey oppa you haven’t left huh? hey oppa you haven’t left huh? oppa you- seokjin: haven’t left-TV

weverse 211016 op: seokjin-ah~ when are you going to post this selfie for us-TV? seokjin: am looking-TV. pls wait-TV (wrote it so cutely)

weverse 211016 seokjin: here you go-TV (an army asked for seokjin to post these selfies!)

weverse 211016 op: we should start using a different trendy word now forget about “bak bak” (daebak daebak) “tv” is much more important now seokjin-ah love you-TV you’re so cool i’m going crazy-TV please don’t go-TV 🥺 seokjin: bak bak TV (added both terms together)

weverse 211016 op: pls post this one toooo… tv seokjin: looking [for it]-tv

weverse 211016 op: oppa you’re the best-tv (op asked seokjin to post some selfies & he posted them after scrolling through his camera roll!) (picture of a strawberry giving a thumbs up) seokjin: strawberry bak bak tv* *strawberry in the pic+bak bak (daebak daebak)+tv

211016 op: it’s okay let’s wait for these too tv 🐹: what’s this tv.. i don’t take that many pictures so i have photos from 2010 tv i have like 1000 pics in my gallery ㅠㅠ 🐹: it’ll take me a while to find tv wait that’s not my phone tv i think that’s the tv station phone tv?

weverse 211016 op: what about this picture hehehehe we would need all 6 angles from the 6 phones hehe seokjin: [they’re all] the company/agency’s phones-tv..

weverse 21016 seokjin: my proud[est possessions] tv! (the large standing rj doll from line friends, a louis vuitton brief?case, and the guitar that chris martin from coldplay gifted jin!)

211014 / 12:55AM KST 🐯 pathetic, i want to sing ugh.🤮

211014 / 1:19AM KST 🐯 tonight in the dream i’m going to shoot poison darts on the back of their necks. be careful of the back of your neck pukpuk *sound effect of poison getting shot*🤢💀

once again i thank you and thank you again

. I don’t think I’ve thought that I was happy that it was my birthday ever since getting wished <a happy birthday> at the concert venue in the past this time i received a big congratulations and met you all <though vlive> and my family so i am happier than ever.+

note: i.. missed.. his.. birthday.. vlive..