Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

C & C++ Developer

Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

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get that tattoo, ur family is already disappointed in u

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The older you get, the more you realize having a peace of mind is more important than proving a point.

yeaaaa um yall should know what happen next MOTS: pranks= problems sometimes

times they had together making her give in star taking mya pants off M: what are you doing S: im bout to make it up you M: mhmm star starts eating her out with her finger inside going in and out with her fingers M: mmm yes M: daddy S: yes mama M: mm fuck me please

S: iam she ttyl J: ite byee M: bye S: baby come here M: nah im good M: goes in the room S: baby i love you you know i wouldnt hurt you M: sure i do S: okay baby star passionate kissing mya, mya trying to get away but she cant because she melting in star hands remembering the

M: leave me alone get out ( crying) S: baby come here star starts to hold mya telling her it was a prank she called jada and told her to tell mya that it was a prank J: bestie its a prank M: ion gaf that shit hurt man J:i see bsf but its a prank and star make it up to her

FF mya got home and starts to get star shit out she crying and shit putting star shit by the door( she heard the door) M: get ya shit and get out S: mamas listen M: no bruh leave me alone go back with that bitch S: baby its a prank thats dre sister you never met her M: idc

(mya gets in the car in drove home) S: bruh jada its a prankkkkk jeez jada is mya bsf and kiyah is dre sister and dre is star homeboy J: girlllllllllllll you betta go fix that yo ass play too much S: shut up man ik K:lol you better D: lmao S: bye yall

M: i will beat yo ass hoe K: do it hoe ya girlfriend dont want yo plain ass no more anyways S: kiyah shush man M: not you bruh you know what fuck you star we done bye S: man no we aint M: yes we are your shit gon be waiting for you wen you come to MY house S: no it aint M: bye

M: (bust in the door) so you wanna cheat after i gave you nun but love star really bruh S: man its not even like that yo M: nah bitch exactly what it is S: man watch ya mouth M: man fuck you and that bitch K: girl aint no bitch watch who you talking to girl M: girl-