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Jessica William

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Awesome to see the lose again after their fans were yapping about the all week. Matthews/ Marner 7gp, 0-1-1 combined.

GnR-Appetite for Destruction, Black Crowes-Shake Your Moneymaker, Skid Row-Slave to the Grind, Tragically Hip-Up the Here

At least Chris Wideman lived up to his name on that whiff

I purposely saved episodes of for nights like this from the .

One positive for the is that Eichel hasn’t scored tonight.

What’s up ?

Another year another weak PP. sigh.

So happy for Drouin!

is sooooo good!

Phil Collins will always be the reason why I love Tarzan.

Which song do you prefer? Under My Wheels or Billion Dollar Babies Every song today is

new cross-checking standards enforced here as Gallagher only takes 5 instead of 25 in one sequence.

Which COLUMN do you prefer 🤘

Yet to see an angle of the puck across the line but go on

“Best officials in all sports” Ok Bettman.

Who wants it? Breaking Bad Los Pollos Hermanos apron to one lucky follower! Must retweet and if you win, selfie is a must!

Know that Canadians across the country are wishing nothing but the best for you, Carey - and we’re proud of you for taking care of yourself and putting your mental health first. We’ve always rooted for you on the ice, and we’ll continue to root for you off the ice.