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Jessica William

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Hannah tells them there's no hard feelings at all.

THREAD: Season 11 Ladies Reunion Look!

Xavier told Derek F they need to get Kyland out this cycle.

Xavier- What did you say? Derek- I just told her (Azah) I had a deal with you and I had a deal with him (Kyland). She said "that means I'm going home. Only way I'm going to stay is by winning the Power of Veto". I'm like "yeah"

Xavier tells Derek F that he’s always picking him over Kyland in the final three scenario if he wins final HOH.

Derek to Xavier- She said she didnt take the deal of me, her and Kyland, she took the deal of me, you and her. I said "I took that deal too, and I also took the other one too"

officially every woman this season has won at least one competition!!

Derek tells Ky he tried to talk to Azah, but he thinks she's mad at him.

Feeds are back. 🚨🚨 (Duration: 1 day, 11 hours, 1 minute) 🚨🚨

No show on Sunday bc of the Emmys so tomorrow night we will see how the Final 4 HOH played out!

Derek's very emotional.

Ky says DF has done so much that people don't know about & has to give him credit. He then VTE Hannah. X VTE Hannah.

By a vote of 2-0, Hannah is joining the jury.

DF “I did a lot in this game”.

Kyland takes Xavier off the block. Derek takes a seat as the renom.