Fruit is beneficial only when it is eaten at the right time, know right time to eat fruits

New Delhi: When it comes to healthy diet, fruits are definitely included in it. The reason for this is that fruits rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber have a lot of nutrients, calories are also very low, and fruits contain natural sugar which is considered healthy and without any side effects. You can eat fruits comfortably. But there are many myths about the consumption of fruits. For example, whether the fruit should be eaten on an empty stomach or not, the fruit should be eaten with food or not, whether it should be eaten before sleeping at night or not? If you also have such questions in your mind then know the answers to all these here.

Myth 1: Daytime is the best time to eat fruit
You must have heard many people say that afternoon time is better to eat fruits than morning. But no scientific facts exist to substantiate this claim. But it is argued that the metabolism of the body slows down during the day and the quantity of natural sugar in the fruit is high and hence if it is eaten during the day it stimulates the digestive system by increasing the blood sugar level. is. So there is no truth in the fact that fruit should be eaten during the day. You can also eat it in the morning.

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Myth 2: Fruit should not be eaten before bedtime
If you feel like snacking before bed or in the middle of the night, eating fruits instead of processed food can be a good option. According to the National Sleep Foundation of America, if a banana is eaten just before bedtime, then sleep is good and the problem of leg cramps in the middle of the night also goes away because bananas contain potassium. Apart from this, fruits like apricots and dates which are high in magnesium, if consumed before sleeping, the body relaxes and sleep becomes good.

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Myth 3: should eat fruit on an empty stomach
Many people believe that if fruit is eaten on an empty stomach (Empty Stomach) then it is more beneficial. It is argued that if the fruit is eaten with food, the process of digestion slows down and due to this, problems such as stomach gas, flatulence and indigestion can occur. However, fruits have fiber and due to delay in digestion, there is no appetite for long after eating the fruit, which prevents you from eating binge. So there is no problem in eating fruits on an empty stomach, but if you eat fruits with food or after meals, then there is no harm in that.

Overall, it can be said that there is no fix tine eating fruit. Fruits are healthy, rich in nutrients and help in weight loss, so you can eat them at any time of the day.

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