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Jessica William

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Okay we have tried 4 times, here it is again, this is Joe Biden with his son Beu, Joe is helping coach his baseball team. OK GOP find just ONE picture that is remotely similar of trump and any of his 5 kids. Come on GOP just one that is even close???

There is NO WAY that Canine understands what is going on that TV???

OUR President is going to change this so that they pay their fair share. We have confidence.

NOW THAT is a very PROFOUND statement. WE AGREE!!

Well, there is more than one way to be counted.

This is where Conway gets it from Vicky Lawrence when she asks β€œIs that Little a-Hole done yet?”

How would the American people react to a CELEBRATION 8 months after 9/11/01 that intended to HONOR the men who flew the planes into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and Shanksville, PA. That is EXACTLY what is happening tomorrow in DC, where the GQP is celebrating the Insurrection.

Looks like AquaMan didn’t like the idea of the husband joining the picture.

These Soviet-Chinese propaganda posters SEEM to be the story of a beautiful interracial GAY couple who met as welders, got married, had children, and owned a farm.

Well, WHO would you believe. Unfortunately too many believe the guy in uniform. Sad, SO SO SAD.

This is a WW I Monument in Hungary. The missing father says VOLUMES!!

Nut cases!! THE answer is simple, get VACCINATED!! β€˜You’re killing people': Doctors warn business sponsors ahead of Kansas anti-vax rally

This is the guy that said β€œAIDS is killing all the Right People” Well, KARMA is a bitch Jack!! Anti-vax radio host who β€œgleefully” mocked AIDS victims on-air dies of COVID-19

Chuck and I have been together for 32 years, and we are the couple that won Marriage Equality (through the courts) in Florida. We were married in Banff in Sept of 2009. VERY happy couple. We wish you the same. Come on in the water is fine!!!

We take GREAT pride in the fact that we have been together as a couple living in the same home and sleeping in the same bed for almost 33 years. The average marriage lasts 12.8 years in the US - figures differ but that seems to be about normal.

All WE can say is it is about DAMN TIME!! A clinical trial for a HIV vaccine has been an overwhelming success

Why is it that OUR home state seems to attract weirdos like bees to honey. How a Florida county has become the 'Conspiracy Capital of the World'

Is anyone surprised at this, WE ARE NOT!! Politico: Emails And Text Messages Show Florida Law On Access To Ballot Boxes Was Written To Hurt Democrats - .God.

Unfortunately Bob is very likely correct. The DNC MUST put some more effort into fighting the GQP. That is our future, without it we are done!!

You want to know why WE are disgusted with GQP?? The fact that THEY are not disgusted with TFG is WHY!!