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Jessica William

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This . Is. The . Official. Opposition. Please . Fund . It. 👇👇👇

In Hungary, a cyber attack tries to prevent a democratic primary process unseating its corrupt right wing government. In the UK, we have ⁦⁩ politicians who support First Past the Post.

Just a few ‘supply chain issues’ then…

Exactly, as what we thought was normal is removed, reduced or trashed, our corrupt media gaslight us with shit like imperial measurements, the same old game. We need to organise, mobilise and bring the sheisters down pdq

The brexit race to the bottom.

Raw sewerage to the list

And these are just the

Brilliant Brexit. The only people to lose Freedom of Movement are the brits, and the only businesses subject to border controls are British

BBC news summary- Soon there will be: No gas No carbon dioxide to preserve food No steel Shortage of toys ‘The flow of goods is being disrupted by delays at ports and a shortage of lorry drivers.’ Call it what it is : Bonkers Brexit blunders bottomwards

Funny as it's exactly the Brexit I voted against

Yes, that’s what the ones I know are saying too. What about voting for a serial liar? What are their answers then? They answer that they were voting against Corbyn.. I answer Why? He wasn’t my ideal choice ( not pro EU) - but there’s really no contest. At all.

Every day is a Socialist Sunday on my page ✌🏼

Johnson has no levelling up plan and doesn’t attend national security meetings. What exactly does he do?

Govt says don't panic over gas supplies. Everybody Fecking panic

Because of homophobic reactions to same sex dancing, so it is important because it has to be called out.

What will the Brexit gammon horde use as an excuse when the winter fuel and food shortages hit and Christmas is ruined?

We have food shortages already due to Brexit and now this. Maybe the U.N. can fly in food parcels and Africa will hold a concert to raise money for us. Frozen food and meat shortages loom in carbon dioxide shortage