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Jessica William

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Hello I am popping in to say hello and thank everyone for all the kind wishes. Feeling ok thank you. Miss my twitter family and think it’s time to come back. Why not start off with a good old KS 🌅 and 🌙 rise. Be kind and have a beautiful day 💕

Doesn’t everyone want 5,000 more followers 😊😊 please follow Andy 🌊you will be glad you did. Tireless and friend 💙💪

The gist is "lets get to 100,000 followers He is a proven fighter who is currently fighting to help elect more Democrats into the house and Senate,amplifying his voice by following him is the first step

Follow Andy - not only is he a great and activist; he’s a pretty nice guy too ✌️💙

Each time someone follows , a MAGAt weeps inconsolably.

3/3 - An interesting nugget in this new filing. Are the "Doe" - or yet to be identified - potential deft's. David Hecht, Max Price, Carolynn Beck and Jim Bainbridge were all co-named partners with John Pierce when the $2.5 million loan, subject of the complaint, was made.

I'm raising money for Help Josh recieve Mental Health & Legal Services. Click to Donate

1 in 500 Americans now dead from Maybe it's time to be and to

Women warriors but not against each other

Thanks Rob.Many Women on here are Warriors Adding: Let's Go Girls !

This California recall election is proof that there are more of us than them. That's why I truly believe we'll retain the House and gain a decent majority in the Senate in 2022. Mark this tweet.

Well, now that Gavin Newsom won - Yes! - who knew that he was married to Kimberly Guilfoyle back in the day?

Hawley should keep his mouth shut, in fact he should be in prison.

What are you doing now ???? Who do you think you are demanding people resign????

Morning my sweet Erin 🙋‍♂️😁☕️🌞. Have an awesome day Luv 🤗🤗💜

Sprinkle it like pixie dust.