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Jessica William

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I've seen a lot of accounts with few followers/tweets trying to follow me. Just in case these are legitimate accounts & not troll bots, I thought I'd give you some tips to pass my vetting process. 1. Don't follow MAGAt accounts 2. Include a profile photo (don't leave blank) /1

Thank you! 2,580 Americans DIED OF COVID yesterday.

Hi Eric my friend, TYVM, great list!👊🙌🙏

Reminder: TFG still lost and insurrectionists are still traitors

Thank you once again for the wonderful shout out Eric, followed all of these marvelous, beautiful, magnificent resisters and retweeted.

Thank you sweet Eric for including me with these wonderful resisters. 🙏🏻🥰🙏🏻

Thank you Birgit☺️Have a nice weekend😂

BREAKING: The legal architect of Texas’ abortion ban writes in a Supreme Court brief that if women want to “control” their “reproductive lives,” they can simply “refrain from sexual intercourse,” and that women “choose” unprotected sex because of legal abortion. RT TO EXPOSE HIM!

We are only allowed to follow up to 400 accounts a day and 30 accounts an hour. Please let me know if I have not followed you back yet. Thank you!

Thanks for thinking of me, Boston😘😘🥰🥰🤗🤗 I love Bruce...

So excited for my daughters first photoshoot today!! Wish her luck!! I’m so proud of her especially for representing our people!! Kesalul Ntus 💙💙

Please, please, please, listen to these wise words from Brooklyn Dad! STAY AWAY FROM THE MARCH TOMORROW IN DC! 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨

As a Texan, I'm horrified at what is taking place there. Governor Greg Abbott of the is leading this assault while peddling Regeneron with DeSantis. We must and FULL STOP. RT-Comment-Follow:

It's and the Founding Fathers would be disgusted with DeSantis and Texas Lt Governor Dan Patrick hawking Regeneron. Even Bannon does not know a d*** thing about the U.S. Constitution. RT if you agree is killing his constituents.

Seditionist, Constitutional Scholar, weapons nut and the largest untapped pocket of natural gas known to man, Madison Cawthorn once again proves he is a moron. He's gotta go.   From Political Cartoonist

For anyone celebrating at the , Mike Lindell of My Pillow announces his new pillow: The My Pillow Sedition Edition Bunker Busting Sandbag Pillow. Even Sarah Palin owns one! From