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Jessica William

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I'm not going into detail, at least publically, for...reasons (I will eventually, just not know) but I am firmly behind (indeed I'd count myself among the we). If you belong to the group too you're more than welcome among my followers. If you have a problem with

FOUND: This lovely little cat was found in Semley on the 10th October and handed in on the 12th, she seems in good health but no chip or collar. Please contact us if you know who she belongs to or if she is your cat. 01258 858644

We asked Bonjeck what he thought about the colder weather and this was his response. Bonjeck is more than ready to put his days living as a stray behind him but does enjoy the option of safe outside space to explore. Sweet Bonjeck could live with gentle, cat-friendly cats 🧡

Is anyone following me looking to adopt 2 cats, I know of a lovely sibling pair looking for a new home. Please get in touch if you are in Nottinghamshire or Leicestershire

Please help us find Bill; he's been missing for 2 days from Barnsbury Avenue, . He may be locked in a shed or garage. He is microchipped. His owners are desperately worried about him. Thank-you.

Chris Wallace shocked Fox News viewers by calling Jen Psaki “the best Press Secretary ever”. Who agrees with him wholeheartedly? ✋🏼

🌄🌄Missy is as beautiful as our autumn leaves out here in the hills. She'd love to be adopted with her son Prince. They adore @ other💞

Reminder that transition is not just about escaping dysphoria but is also about finding euphoria. You can just prefer something different, and go do it, and that's ok!

A president can’t invoke executive privilege to hide communications about his attempt to steal a presidential election.

and regulars must hate this Town Hall with . Thoroughly in command of every issue. Every issue fully addressed. No equivocation. could not do this.

$3.5B Investor Ditches Trump Social Media Company After 2 Days

My ‘spidey sense’ tells me that the raid of Oleg Deripaska’s homes is about to cause a cascade of shocking revelations about TFG and many other politicians.

The January 6th Committee is now looking into who financed the Insurrection This is great news, unless your name is Ginni Thomas.

BREAKING: Lev Parnas guilty on all counts, including conspiracy to make foreign contributions to political campaigns.

President Biden indicates he's not against scrapping the filibuster. His comments have further isolated Manchin-Sinema in their blockade roles. However, the media won't dig in on Sinema-Manchin or cast the GOP as full-stop insurrectionists. Yet, they negatively report on Biden.

Why is it so hard to pass a working class agenda? Not a single Republican vote for childcare, pre-school, a child allowance, vision, dental or hearing for seniors, free community college, or solar or wind investments. Not 1 Republican Senator or Rep is for any of these programs.

Dear autocorrect, when I don't want you, you are all up in my shit, correcting things I didn't want you to, but when I accidentally type 8 instead of i, apparently that's absolutely fine... Drives me fucking 8nsane.