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Jessica William

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If you have any information about Maria Hart, last seen in on Oct. 12th, call 1-800-THE-LOST or Sangamon County Sheriff's Office at 1-217-753-6666. Help bring home a lost child.

If you haven’t been listening the last year and a half, the vaccine is our best, most effective tool against the virus. It is not 100% effect. People with weakened immune systems and the elderly are still more vulnerable and should mask. The press needs to get a life.

And Republicans keep saying businesses are fleeing Connecticut... Manufacturing company doubles down on CT, moving headquarters to Danbury via

Born on the south side of Chicago. Moved to Dallas, TX in ‘84 and consider it home now. Agree, is the real deal and WILL be the best thing for TX. We’re going to paint the state and front porch blue for Matthew in 2022!

In 2020, was ranked #84 on the Fortune 500 list and that success wouldn't be possible without its union employees. The public is fully behind the workers at the and John Deere will regret every day they make this strike last.

A month ago, my fully-vaxxed, mask-wearing 87 yo dad tested positive for Covid. Although he had it pretty bad, he avoided hospitalization and has recovered. So, today he was able to spend the day visiting with family he hadn't seen in a couple of years. Thank you, scientists! ❤️

On this day in 1648, Boston shoemakers and "coopers" (barrel-makers) formed the 1st American trade unions in the colonies. It is the labor/union movements here in America that is most responsible for the growth of the middle class. and the attacks on unions have hurt us all.

My dad the morning he shipped out for Europe in 1942.

A bit more on this: multiple myeloma was for a long time an untreatable cancer. Recent advances led to a 3-drug chemo cocktail that can stop MM but takes a terrible toll and destroys the immune system. So anyone who’s been through MM is at very high risk with ANY infection.

Yes, Powell was vaxxed. It's unlikely, but not impossible, to die from covid still. Another reason why your decision to remain a vector is far from personal.

Moscow Mitch replaced RBG in a month. Democrats need to wake the fuck up and start doing their jobs.

Stop lying to American people. Conservative Republicans are fiscally irresponsible. For my entire lifetime GOP has implemented policies to enrich the wealthy over We, the People. Crash and burn our economy is a Feature not a Bug.

This routine of large finance firms buying up our residential housing stock is obscene! We will all be serfs to the Wall Street landlords! We the people must be protected!

Members of Congress who enrich themselves from Donors and then vote to support their own wealth should be arrested.

Remember when we thought the Tea Party was crazy? Those were the days.

I’ve seen hungry people charged and arrested for stealing food, but politicians who attempted to overthrow the government are still walking free.