Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

C & C++ Developer

Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

It just feels like i was born to suffer. I’ve always suffered, I’ve never been happy. And I don’t think I’ll ever be


Sometimes I like brushing my hair like this :3

Could these calls please stop!

Is it me or did the Twitter font change again?

I’m majoring in Visual Media and minoring in Photography. Two of my favorite things!

5g isn’t as good as people think it is

My dog just had surgery to remove a tumor, he made it through the surgery but now I have to find the money to pay for his medical bills. If able, please share my commission sheet or commission me yourself! My pinned tweet has my prices!

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Costume idea?! P E R H A P S

My great grandfather was a Filipino POW and a survivor of the Bataan death march. I wish he was still alive today. I never got to meet him

Saw a cute dog at the store

Today keeps getting better! Look what just arrived in the mail!!!!!

I find it concerning that all the tests that doctor asks me to do come back normal. It’s almost like the ulcer i had just came out of nowhere which is impossible. Something had to have caused it

The Mount Charleston Lodge was the coolest place i knew. I literally drove past it a few weeks ago. It’s so sad seeing it in flames


Only good thing about today is that I’m leaving work early for a doctor appointment, worse part is that they called me in extremely early