Does eating fish and drinking milk cause white spots? Learn the cause of this skin disease and ways to avoid it

New Delhi: You must also have heard from your grandmother or grandmother that the fish and milk should not be consumed together since childhood, otherwise it causes white spots and rashes on the skin. Even today, a large number of people believe this to be true and consider the combination of fish and milk extremely dangerous for health. This disease of white spots is called Vitiligo in the medical term and in which white patches on skin start to form in any part of the body. After all, what is the relation between milk and fish to this skin disease, what health experts say about it, read here to know.

How is milk and fish related to white stains?

There is no scientific fact to prove that eating anything or drinking milk with fish (Milk and Fish together) or eating dairy products like yogurt etc. in fish causes vitiligo, a disease of white spots. is. Also, there is no evidence that this skin disease can be more serious due to the diet of the person. This disease is seen in the same way among those who consume different types of diet.

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Ayurveda’s opinion is different from science

Although Ayurveda experts believe that the fish is non-veg and milk may be an animal product, but it is vegetarian. Apart from this, the milk effect is cold and the fish temperature is warm. In such a situation, the consumption of 2 different combination things together increases the tamas quality in the body, which leads to imbalance. Also, eating two completely different things together causes chemical changes in the blood due to which there may be a problem of skin pigmentation, which is called leukoderma. Some nutritionists also believe that fish are rich in protein and protein foods and dairy products should not be eaten together, otherwise white spots are not known, but digestive problems and allergies can definitely occur.

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What is vitiligo or white stain, why does it happen?

Only 1 to 2 percent of people all over the world have this disease and it is an autoimmune disease which is also non-contagious i.e. does not spread by touch. Autoimmune means that the body’s immunity, that is, immunity against bacteria, viruses and in addition to killing some cells of its own body, starts. There are cells called melanocytes in our body. In this disease of vitiligo or white stains, the immunity of the body starts killing these melanocytes cells. When there are no melanocytes, there will be no melanin in the skin, and there will be white spots on the part of the skin where there is no melanin.

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Can vitiligo be avoided?

At present, there is no definitive cure for this disease of vitiligo or white stains, nor is there any way to avoid this disease. In the treatment of the disease, the doctors try to re-insert the pigment into the skin and prevent pigmentation from happening so that it does not show any more effect on the skin. To avoid skin damage and pigmentation, it would be better to stay at least in sunlight. There are some methods of treatment to restore the skin color to the same way, but it does not work in the same way on all people.

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