Do not ignore the persistent cough, it may be possible to identify the disease with these symptoms.

New Delhi: For the last 1 year, you must have also felt that as soon as someone coughs around you or if you also cough yourself, the first question that comes to mind is whether it is a covid (Covid-19)? If you are experiencing symptoms like cough, fever, smelling and loss of taste, then get the Kovid tested immediately. But if your cough test is negative and still your cough is not healing, instead of delaying, contact the doctor immediately. About 50 percent of us are such people who are not aware that if your cough continues for more than 3 weeks, then this lung cancer (Lung cancer) May indicate.

Lung cancer is often identified in advanced stage

According to doctors, if a person gets lame cancer, then in the initial stage, there are no such symptoms that the person gets attention. This is the reason that most patients are diagnosed and diagnosed when their disease reaches the advanced stage. Many people also think that smoking (Smoking) Only those who do have cancer But it is not the case that non-smokers are also getting fast lung cancer. So instead of ignoring your cough as a simple infection or cold-cold, contact the doctor once and get the necessary tests done.

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Apart from cough, these symptoms are also a sign of lung cancer

1. Changes in the way of coughing If you have been coughing for more than 3 weeks and your voice becomes heavy while coughing, you also have blood in cough or if you are coming with unusual mucus cough, do not ignore these symptoms and immediately from the doctor. Contact. This lung can be a sign of cancer.

2. Breathing problems- Difficulty breathing along with cough, shortness of breath can also be a possible symptom of lung cancer. Actually, due to lung cancer, if the airway gets narrowed or blocked, then there is trouble in breathing. Do not ignore this symptom if you start breathing after doing minor tasks.

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3. Chest area pain Due to lung cancer, there is pain in the chest and chest as well as in the shoulders and back. But this pain does not just happen while coughing but can also happen without coughing. If you feel pain in the chest around your chest, or if you feel pain while staying, then tell the doctor.

4. Wheezing while breathing- When there is inflammation in the airways or the airways get blocked, whistling or wheezing occurs while breathing. Do not ignore thinking that the problem of wheezing is due to allergies or asthma. This lung can also be a symptom of cancer.

5. Sudden Weight Loss If you suddenly start losing weight without dieting or exercising, it can be an indication that the tumor is growing inside the body. The reason for this is that cancer cells draw all the energy of the body, due to which weight starts decreasing rapidly. This is not just a common symptom of lung cancer, but also of other cancers.

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